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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 8 - Semi Finals Results

Both being a nail biting, neck to neck matches, Moh Keen Hoo finally had his revenge as he won Mohd Reza on the final frame to advance to the Final. The Blue Ball that gave Mohd Reza his semi final victory last year had also played an important role this year as it caused him his loss in frame 8 when he was leading 4-3. Having potted the Blue Ball, it went on to hit the Green Ball and went in off. It was downhill from then as Moh Keen Hoo went on to win the remaining 2 frames and match to go into his first National Championship Final.

On the other semi final, Rory Thor Chuan Leong seemed to have lost his Midas touch which saw him won last year's Championship. Although leading 3-2 halfway with his 2nd century break of 107 points, he still uncomfortable with his playing form and was unable to get past his SEA Games Doubles partner, Lai Chee Wei. And it was proven as after frame 5, Lai went all out to capture and win 3 frames in a row to seal off the match with a 5-3 scoreline.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor Chuan Leong 3-5 Lai Chee Wei
109-1, 51-82, 59-66, 76-31, 112(107)-21, 9-68, 36-75, 36-66

Moh Keen Hoo 5-4 Mohd Reza
72-42, 8-123(59), 53-43, 26-48, 63-48, 2-83(64), 53-58, 70-53, 83-32

Lai Chee Wei vs Moh Keen Hoo 

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