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Monday, May 28, 2012

GB Leg 1 Snooker Draw

Golden Break Snooker Tour 2012 cues off today with Leg 1 starting at Desa Tun Razak branch. A total of 60 players have registered for the Championship with the winner taking home cash prize of RM 2,000 plus trophy. Below is the Draw for the event.

Draw - Leg 1 - GB Desa Tun Razak

Desmond claims Leg 2

(l-r) Desmond Wong and OneCuez representative, Adam Samuel
(image courtesy of OneCuez Snooker)
Desmond Wong beats Joe Chan to win Leg 2 of the Perak Ranking Snooker Tournament at OneCuez Snooker. He currently ranks No 1 after completion of 2 legs of the series.

Leg 3 will move to Cyber One Snooker which will be competed from 18 - 24 June. 

Rory triumphs at Master

(l-r) Master's Manager Jimmy Teo, Lai Chee Wei, Rory Thor,
Master's Manager Ken, Patrick Ooi and Lee Hwa Meng
Rory Thor beats Patrick Ooi to win on the decider frame, by 5-4 at Master Snooker & Pool Club, Cheras, giving him a back to back victory after Leg 6 at A One Snooker.

The Final was the most closely fought match so far in the XZ Snooker Tour 2012 series as both players were equally sharp at potting and precise at snooker shots. Level of play was at it's peak as Rory made 7 consecutive snookers with Patrick escaping from the snookers on all occasions.

Neither one was leading nor trailing more than one frame as the scores were leveled all the way till the deciding final frame. In the end, seeded No 1 Rory Thor cleared up the colours to finally win frame and match a after a grueling 5 hour match play.

Officials and Players Group Photo
Rory takes home cash prize of RM 3,000 for his week long effort whilst Patrick pockets RM 1,200 as Runner up.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 1 Lai Chee Wei
53-41, 65-40, 45-15, 28-71, 44-41

Lee Hwa Meng 2 vs 4 Patrick Ooi
34-60, 64-23, 34-54, 98-10, 49-64, 19-59

Final Result
Rory Thor 5 vs 4 Patrick Ooi
80-41, 53-55, 20-72, 65-1, 57-24, 35-45, 60-67, 66-37, 61-39

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quarter Finals at Master

Quarter Finals stage at Leg 7 Master Snooker & Pool Club saw very closely fought matches except for Patrick who won his match without much hassle. Amongst the top seeds, only Imtiaz went out as he lost to Lai Chee Wei on the final frame.

Semi Finals matches starts tomorrow at 5pm followed by the Final at 8pm.

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 2 Thean Mun Kit
64-48, 75-2, 24-64, 44-72, 93-18, 64-22

Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 3 Imtiaz Serwer
73-9, 62-18, 22-68, 16-57, 55-44, 31-65, 56-27

Lee Hwa Meng 4 vs 3 David Tang
57-64, 55-43, 54-77, 59-37, 72-29, 34-69, 49-17

Muhd Fithri 0 vs 4 Patrick Ooi
40-70, 20-60, 23-63, 1-82

Semi Finals
27 May, Sunday
Rory Thor vs Lai Chee Wei
Lee Hwa Meng vs Patrick Ooi

Jia Loong claims Leg 2

(l-r) Ku Jia Loong, Selangor SBA President Melvin Chia
Golden Break Kepong Manager Alan Tan and Ralph David
Ku Jia Loong beats Ralph David to claim Leg 2 Golden Break Pool Tour 2012 in Kepong Baru. He walks away with cash prize of RM 1,500 whilst Ralph takes home RM 700 for his effort.

Leg 3 moves to Sunway Mentari which will be played from 18-23 June.
Official and Players Group Photo

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last 16 at Master

Sam Chong and Ng Ann Seng crashed out in their first match as the Last 16 round of Leg 7 XZ Snooker Tour 2012 completes at Master Snooker & Pool Club, Cheras.

The rest of the seeded players went through without much hassle. Quarter Finals will be competed tomorrow at 5pm and 8pm respectively. The Final will be competed on Sunday 8pm.

Below are the results for the Last 16 round.

Last 16 Round Results
Andin Tan 0 vs 4 Rory Thor
Thean Mun Kit 4 vs 2 William Teo
Jimmy Teo 0 vs 4 Imtiaz Serwer
Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 2 Roslan Yurnalis
Mohd Aizat 0 vs 4 Lee Hwa Meng
Sam Chong 1 vs 4 David Tang
Muhd Fithri 4 vs 2 Ng Ann Seng
Patrick Ooi 4 vs 1 Nor Iskandar

Quarter Finals Round
26 May, Saturday
5pm session
Rory Thor vs Thean Mun Kit
Imtiaz Serwer vs Lai Chee Wei

8pm session
Lee Hwa Meng vs David Tang
Muhd Fithri vs Patrick Ooi

Day 5 Results at Master

Fomer National Champion Elvin Lean and former national squad Chooi Yew Wah were among the casualties today amongst the seeded players as Day 5 matches completes at Master Snooker & Pool Club, Cheras.

Tomorrow will see the top seeded players going on to the green baize, battling out for the Champion's honour.

Day 5 Results
Andin Tan 3 vs 1 Elvin Lean
Loh Chern Su 0 vs 3 William Teo
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 1 Chooi Yew Wah
Roslan Yurnalis 3 vs 0 Anson Tan
Malcolm Yeng 0 vs 3 Mohd Aizat
David Tang 3 vs 0 Apple Yap
Thean Mun Cheong 1 vs 3 Muhd Fithri
Shahdani 0 vs 3 Nor Iskandar

Last 16 Round
25 May, Friday
5pm session
Andin Tan vs Rory Thor
Thean Mun Kit vs William Teo
Jimmy Teo vs Imtiaz Serwer
Lai Chee Wei vs Roslan Yurnalis

8pm session
Mohd Aizat vs Lee Hwa Meng
Sam Chong vs David Tang
Muhd Fithri vs Ng Ann Seng
Patrick Ooi vs Nor Iskandar

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 4 Results at Master

Day 4 at Master Snooker saw a few seeded players dropping out in their first match while the rest went through to the next round. Below are the results for Day 4

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A-Que 6 Red Snooker Tournament June 2012

Event Date
4 - 9 June  2012

Prize Money
Champion - RM 2,500 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 1,000 + Trophy
Semi Finalist - RM 400 + Trophy
Quarter Finalist - RM 200 + Trophy
Last 16 - RM 50 + Medal

A-Que Snooker & Pool Club
Level 7, Block B3,
Leisure Commerce Square
No 9, Jalan PJS 8/9
46150 PJ Selangor

Entry Fee RM 50 ( Loser pay table charges )
Closing Date 2 June, Saturday
Draw Date 3 June, Sunday

Tournament Format
- Preliminary Round - Best of 7 frames
- Last 32 to Quarter Final - Best of 9 frames
- Semi Final & Final - Best of 11 frames

Entries & Enquiries
Club 03 - 7875 7995
Lee Hwa Meng 016 - 499 0760
BOY Tan 012 - 905 2905
Unique trophies awaiting the winners

Day 3 Results at Master

Preliminary Round 2 finished today at the Master Snooker & Pool Club for Leg 7 of the XZ Snooker Tour 2012 with less than half of the initial field of players remaining. The seeded players comes into actions tomorrow moving into Day 4. Below are the results for Day 3.

Day 3 - Results - Leg 7 Master Snooker

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 Results at Master

Day 2 matches sees the completion of Preliminary Round 1 of Leg 7 at Master Snooker, Cheras. Below are the results for Day 2.

Day 2 - Results - Master Snooker

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brewball IOI Mall 10 Ball In House Tournament June 2012

Event Date
11 - 15 June 2012

Prize Money
Champion - RM 1,500 + Trophy + RM 300 Pool Voucher
Runner up - RM 700 + Trophy + RM 150 Pool Voucher
Semi Finalist - RM 300 + Trophy + RM 100 Pool Voucher
Quarter Finalist - RM 100 + Trophy + RM 50 Pool Voucher
Last 16 - RM 50 + RM 50 Pool Voucher

Brewball IOI Mall Puchong
Lot ET 12, 3rd Floor, New IOI Mall
Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Puchong 47100 Selangor

Entry Fee RM 50
Closing Date 10 June, Sunday
Draw Date 11 June, Monday

Tournament Format
Preliminary Stages ( 11 - 14 June )
Double Elimination, Race to 6 racks
8 groups of 8 players, 2 qualifies to Knockout Stage

Knockout Stage ( 15 June )
Single Elimination, Race to 7 racks

- Loser pays table charges
- All matches starts at 8pm sharp daily
- Current top 8 ranked players, current and ex- national players are not allowed to participate
- Organiser reserves the right to accept / reject entries without any given reason

Entries & Enquiries
Brewball IOI 03 - 8075 0377
KC Yin 012 - 322 3893
Wie 012 - 918 9870

Day 1 at Master

Day 1 matches completes for Leg 7 at Master Snooker & Pool Club with a few walkovers. Below are the results for Day 1

Day 1 - Results - Master Snooker

Friday, May 18, 2012

Leg 7 Draw at Master

After the cancellation of One Cue Club, Gombak hosting a leg, Leg 7 now moves to Master Snooker & Pool Club, Cheras with a total of 87 players participating in the Championship. Matches begins this Sunday with the Final being played on the following Sunday, 27 May.

Below is the Draw for the Championship

Draw - Leg 7 - Master Snooker

Friday, May 11, 2012

One Cue Club event cancelled

Leg 7 of XZ Snooker Tour 2012 which was originally scheduled to be held at One Cue Club, Gombak has now been officially cancelled due to technical issues. Master Snooker & Pool Club, Taman Connaught Cheras which is suppose to hold Leg 8 will now be rescheduled as Leg 7, to be played from 20 - 27 May.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ronnie wins 4th World Championship

Ronnie smiles as the crowd cheers on
Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Ali Carter 18-11 to win the World Snooker Championship 2012 for the 4th time.

After an overnight lead of 10-7, Ronnie was never in danger as the final day 1st session started with him taking the lead and further extending it to 15-10 after the afternoon session, requiring only 3 more frames from the evening session to win the title for the 4th time.

As the evening session cued off, Ronnie took the 1st frame to lead 16-10 but stumbled in Frame 27 to let Ali narrow back the gap to 5 frames at 16-11. Ronnie swiftly replied and reeled in the 2 frames required to capture the title.

Ronnie walks away with £250,000 cash prize while Ali takes home the Runner up prize of £125,000. Highest break went to Stephen Hendry for his maximum break in the 1st Round match against Stuart Bingham, earning himself £10,000 for the Highest Break and £40,000 for the Maximum effort, total £50,000.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Greatest

Stephen Hendry, snooker's most successful ever player, brought the curtain down on his glittering career on Tuesday night.


Hendry made the announcement of his retirement from professional snooker to a room of stunned journalists in a press conference after a 13-2 defeat to Stephen Maguire in the quarter-finals of the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hendry announces retirement

Stephen Hendry in action
(image courtesy of The Sun)
One of snooker's greatest legend, Stephen Hendry, has officially announced his retirement after his Quarter Final's 2-13 defeat to Stephen Maguire at World Snooker Championship 2012.

"I am officially retired now from tournament snooker", he said. "I made the decision about three months ago."

This is his 27th consecutive appearance at the Crucible and 19th Quarter Final match played. For more information on his professional career, please check out the following link:-

Stephen Hendry MBE - Wiki

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last eight at World Snooker Championship 2012

The prestigious trophy awaits this year's winner
It is down to the last eight players as the World Snooker Championship 2012 see the Quarter Finals being played tomorrow. There were a few surprises sprang from the underdogs and also some tears shed along with some unsportmanship misconduct, which all contributes to an amazing Championship so far.

For more information on the Quarter Finals matches schedule, please click here or the link on the left.