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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PENANG OPEN 2014: Rory conquers Penang

(l-r) Mohd Reza, Organizing Committee Vice Chairman Mr Loo, YB Chong Eng
MPSP Councillor Michael Tan, Organizing Committee Mr Tan and Rory Thor
Shortly after two victories in Kuala Lumpur, Rory Thor continues his streak back in his hometown as he wins the TOP SEED Penang Open Snooker Championship 2014. He defeats Mohd Reza 6-3 in the Final to make it 3 wins in a row.

Semi Finals scoreline were both identical and lasted only slightly short of the 2 hours mark as both delivered a whitewash 5-0 to Moh Keen Hoo and Sebastian H'ng.

The Final cued off with an already packed venue, all eager to catch a glimpse of the action that has been happening for the past 7 days. Once the Final cues off, Rory sped into a 4-0 lead whilst leaving a trail of smoke for Reza to try and catch up. After a short interval, Reza was still unable to do anything as Rory takes yet another frame to lead 5-0, requiring only 1 more frame for the RM 10,000 cash prize.

Things started to change in Frame 6 as Rory made a few more careless mistakes, leaving chances to Reza to garner points and continuously claiming 3 frames in a row to narrow the gap to 5-3.

Frame 9 cued off as Rory, trying hard to dismiss the previous frames mistakes, plays a more defensive approach. Reza tried to play a few safety but faltered at the last shot, leaving Rory a long red. Rory potted it and continued to make a match winning break of 68, sealing the frame and match.

Rory Thor takes away RM10,000 cash prize as the Champion whilst Mohd Reza manages only RM 5,000. Semi Finalists Moh Keen Hoo and Sebastian H'ng each takes RM 2,000 cash prize. Highest Break of the Championship goes to Zack Loh with his near maximum effort of 113 points.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 5 - 0 Moh Keen Hoo
Sebastian H'ng 0 - 5 Mohd Reza

Final Result
Rory Thor 6 - 3 Mohd Reza
Group Photo of VIPS, Officials and Winners

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Daniel Tan claims his biggest victory

(l-r) Asia Cafe Management representative Raymond and Daniel Tan
It was the biggest moment of his pool career but Daniel Tan finally made it on the 6th attempt as he claims his first victory, defeating Ye Thu Naung 9-7 to win the Asia Cafe 9 Ball Pool Tournament.

Both players were looking to break the record and win their first tournament, after displaying great matchplay form in the Semi Finals. Racks were shared in the earlier part with the score leveled at 4-4 but a careless mistake by Naung gave Daniel the chance to go ahead, taking 4 racks straight to reach the hill. Nervousness kicked in as Naung reduced the gap to 1 rack, leaving Daniel clueless during that moment.

Rack 16 belonged to Naung with a nice break off as he started clearing off the early balls, only to rattle the 8 Ball in the pocket. Daniel then came to the table, held the cue ball after potting the 8 Ball and sealed the match after taking the 9 Ball in the corner.

He takes home a handsome Champion's cash prize of RM 3,000 whilst Ye Thu Naung manages RM 1,500 for the Runner up's effort.

Group photo of the event winners and Raymond

Saturday, April 19, 2014

PENANG OPEN 2014: Favourites through to Semis

The hot favourites for the title all made it through to the Semi Finals here at TOP SEED Snooker Centre after the completion of the Last 16 and Quarter Finals rounds.

Rory Thor, aiming for his 3rd title in a row, defeated former Asian champion Ooi Chin Kay to book a spot in the Semis. He plays his Double partner, Moh Keen Hoo tomorrow in the Semis. In the other match, Sebastian H'ng, one of the top players in Penang will be going against current in form Mohd Reza with all eyes on the RM 10,000 grand prize.

Current highest break is still held by Zack Loh with 113 points, after a failed attempt at a maximum 147 break.

Semi Finals starts tomorrow at 3pm followed by the Final at 8pm.

Last 16 Results
Rory Thor 4 - 1 Jeff Yeoh
Ooi Chin Kay 4 - 1 Zack Loh
Elvin Lean 2 - 4 Tan Tian Aunt
Rambo 2 - 4 Moh Keen Hoo
Patrick Ooi 3 - 4 Lee Kok Seong
Thean Mun Kit 1 - 4 Sebastian H'ng
Sheldon Senagang 4 - 3 Sam Chong
Low Boon Jin 0 - 4 Mohd Reza

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 5 - 3 Ooi Chin Kay
Tan Tian Aunt 3 - 5 Moh Keen Hoo
Lee Kok Seong 0 - 5 Sebastian H'ng
Sheldon Senagang 1 - 5 Mohd Reza

Semi Finals
20 April, Sunday
3PM Session
Rory Thor vs Moh Keen Hoo
Sebastian H'ng vs Mohd Reza

PENANG OPEN 2014: Last 16 Draw

Round Robin group matches completes with the top 2 in each group qualifying through to the Last 16 Stage. Highlight of the Championship will belong to Zack Loh's 113 high break with 15 reds potted but ended missing the last Black and a chance for the maximum break.

Final will be played on Sunday at 8pm.
Last 16 Draw
Full Results for Group A, B, C & D
Full Results for Group E, F, G & H

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PENANG OPEN: Group Draws

The Qualifiers have completed with 16 players going through to the Round Robin Stage at TOP SEED Snooker Centre, Bukit Mertajam. All 40 players will be competing for a mouth watering RM 10,000 Champion's cash prize.

Draw for Group A, B, C & D
Draw for Group E, F, G & H

Rory back to back victory

Soheil Vahedi, NOS Snooker & Pool Manager William Teo & Rory Thor
Rory Thor claims yet another back to back victory as he whitewashes Soheil Vahedi to win Leg 4 XZ Snooker Tour 2014 here at NOS Snooker & Pool Club.

Most of the crowd was expecting an intense battle between the finalists after the epic finale last week at MIKE YOW Memorial Cup's final but never the less, Rory's form in the Final proved equally as interesting to watch.

Rory takes home cash prize RM 3,000 to add on to his handsome prize purse this month while Soheil only manages RM 1,200 cash prize for his Runner up effort.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 - 2 Moh Keen Hoo
Soheil Vahedi 4 - 1 JM Sam

Final Result
Rory Thor 5 - 0 Soheil Vahedi

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top Seeds crashes out

Today's matches saw a number of high level casualties as the few top seeds crashes out in the Last 16 and Quarter Finals stages at NOS Snooker & Pool.

JM Sam appeared to be the giant killer in Leg 4 after defeating No 2 Mohd Reza and Muhd Fithri to reach the Semi Finals. He will be playing Soheil Vahedi, whom took out Patrick Ooi in the Quarter Finals.

Semi Finals plays at 6pm followed by the Final at 9pm.

Last 16 Results
Rory Thor 4 - 1 William Teo
Elvin Lean 4 - 3 Zack Loh
Moh Keen Hoo 4 - 1 Mohd Sepawi
Mohd Rofi 3 - 4 Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi 4 - 1 Ng Ann Seng
Soheil Vahedi 4 - 0 Malcolm Yeng
Ibrahim Amir 0 - 4 Muhd Fithri
JM Sam 4 - 2 Mohd Reza

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 - 1 Elvin Lean
Moh Keen Hoo 4 - 2 Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi 2 - 4 Soheil Vahedi
Muhd Fithri 2 - 4 JM Sam

Semi Finals
13 April, Sunday
Rory Thor vs Moh Keen Hoo
Soheil Vahedi vs JM Sam

Saturday, April 12, 2014

TOPSEED2014 : Qualifiers & Groups Draw

The TOP SEED Penang Open Snooker Championship 2014 starts tomorrow with the Qualifiers taking place first as players competes for 16 spots in the Group Stage. The Group Stage will then start on 16 April which will see the nations top ranked players challenge the local campaigners for the Champion's prize purse of RM 10,000 cash.

Qualifiers Draw - 1

Qualifiers Draw - 2

Group Stage Draw - 1

Group Stage Draw - 2

Last 32 Results

Most of the top seeded players went through to the Last 16 Round here at NOS Snooker and Pool.

Amongst the few whom didn't make it through was youngster Sheldon Senangang, after losing to a much experienced Ibrahim Amir. Also on the casualty list is Chooi Yew Wah, a player whom usually reaches the Quarter Final round, goes out early after being defeated by seasoned campaigner Malcolm Yeng.

Last 16 plays today at 6pm followed by the Quarter Finals at 9pm.

Last 16 Round
12 April, Saturday
6PM Session
Rory Thor vs William Teo
Elvin Lean vs Zack Loh
Moh Keen Hoo vs Mohd Sepawi
Mohd Rofi vs Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi vs Ng Ann Seng
Soheil Vahedi vs Malcolm Yeng
Ibrahim Amir vs Muhd Fithri
JH Leong vs Mohd Reza

Results - Last 32 - NOS Snooker & Pool

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 3 Results

Iran's Soheil Vahedi produced the highlight of the day as he makes a 121 break to hold the lead for the Highest Break prize here at NOS Snooker & Pool. The top seeds led by recent winner Rory Thor will come into action tomorrow as the Last 32 Round commences.

Results - Day 3 - NOS Snooker & Pool, Taman Desa

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 2 Results

The action continues at NOS Snooker & Pool as Day 2 matches completes for Leg 4 XZ Snooker Tour 2014. Below are the results for Day 2.

Results - Day 2 - NOS Snooker & Pool, Taman Desa

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 1 Results

Day One matches completes at NOS Snooker & Pool as the Tour continues on to Leg 4. Below are the results for Day One.

Results - Day One - NOS Snooker & Pool

Monday, April 7, 2014

XZ Tour 2014: Draw for Leg 4

Leg 4 XZ Snooker Tour 2014 continues after a week long of exciting snooker action during the MIKE YOW Memorial Cup 2014 with our own Rory Thor lifting the Champion's trophy.

Below is the Draw for Leg 4

Draw - Leg 4 - NOS Snooker & Pool, Taman Desa

Saturday, April 5, 2014

MYMC2014 : Rory defies all odds

(l-r) Semi Finalist Mohd Reza, Madam Jasmine, Soheil Vahedi,
Mr Sin Hock Ming, Rory Thor and Semi Finalist Fung Kwok Wai
Iran's Soheil Vahedi was the favourite before the Final started, but it was Rory Thor who left the table last laughing after beating Soheil 6-3 to win the 3rd MIKE YOW Memorial Cup 2014 here at GOLDEN BREAK Subang USJ.

Soheil Vahedi dropped only 2 frames on his route to the Final, thus making him the favourite to lift the Champion's trophy. Our National No 1, Rory Thor, however had other thoughts as he walked into the Hall of Champions.

Final cued off with Rory drawing first blood, but was quickly leveled by Soheil at 1-1. Rory took a quick gear change and reeled in the next 2 frames, reaching the halfway point leading 3-1. After a short break, Soheil showed why he was 2-times runner up in the IBSF events as he quickly leveled the match to 3-3.

That was the last effort by Soheil as Rory returned the favour, displaying his superior match play form to race pass the finishing line by taking the next 3 frames and winning the match.

Rory Thor takes home RM 8,000 cash prize for his week long effort while our overseas friend Soheil Vahedi only manages RM 3,500. Highest Break prize went to Ibrahim Amir with his 119 break in his Group Stage effort.

GOLDEN BREAK & CENTURY CLUB also donated to 2 charity organisation from the event. The respective organisation are Rumah Kanak Kanak Angels KL and Seng Wong Kong Old Folks & Rehab Centre, each receiving RM 8,250.

Final Result
Rory Thor (MAS) 6 - 3 Soheil Vahedi (IRN)

Friday, April 4, 2014

MYMC2014: Soheil favourite for the title

Soheil Vahedi from Iran
Iran's Soheil Vahedi seems unstoppable as he goes through to the Final of the MIKE YOW Memorial Cup 2014, dropping only 2 frames after playing 6 matches. His latest victim will be Hong Kong's Fung Kwok Wai, whom suffered a 1-6 defeat in the Semi Final.

In the other match, Rory Thor played well and proved too good to his opponent Mohd Reza, scoring a convincing win of 6-2 to setup a Final match against Soheil Vahedi.

Final will be played 5 April, Saturday at 6PM, GOLDEN BREAK Subang USJ.

Semi Finals Results
Fung Kwok Wai (HKG) 1 - 6 Soheil Vahedi (IRN)
Mohd Reza (MAS) 2 - 6 Rory Thor (MAS)

5 April, Saturday
6PM Session
Soheil Vahedi (IRN) vs Rory Thor (MAS)

Rory Thor in action

Thursday, April 3, 2014

MYMC2014 : Defending Champion out in Quarters

Defending Champion Lee Chun Wai crashes out in the Quarter Final stages as he loses to Soheil Vahedi from Iran 5-1 here at GOLDEN BREAK Subang USJ.

Soheil Vahedi will be playing Hong Kong's Fung Kwok Wai in the Semi Finals whilst the other side will be between national players Rory Thor and Mohd Reza.

Semi Finals
Best of 11 frames

3PM - Fung Kwok Wai (HKG) vs Soheil Vahedi (IRN)
8PM - Mohd Reza vs Rory Thor

MYMC2014 : Last 32 Results

The Championship goes into Day 4 as more exciting snooker actions takes place at GOLDEN BREAK Subang USJ and LUXE Snooker, Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Hong Kong's Fung Kwok Wai recorded the highest break of the day with 108 points in his match against Thean Mun Kit. Today also sees the exit of the current highest break holder, Ibrahim Amir as he loses to Au Chi Wai from Hong Kong.

Last 16 matches will compete tomorrow at 3pm followed by the Quarter Finals at 7pm.