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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3 Results at Good 9

Day 3 saw a few seeded players making an early exit as the rest went through to the next round. Former national player Jimmy Teo was among the casualties as he lost 0-3 to Mohd Zubir. Results for Day 3 are as below:-

28 Feb, Tuesday
830pm session
White Cho 0 vs 3 David Tang
Mohd Sepawi 3 vs 0 Peter Foo
Abdullah Umar 2 vs 3 William Teo
Ali Saifuddin 1 vs 3 Jimmy Teo
Elvin Lean 3 vs 2 Alan Tan
Andin Tan 3 vs 2 Mohd Raid
Tan Seng Teck 0 vs 3 Nor Iskandar
Jason Ng 3 vs 0 Azhar Ali

1030pm session
Alex Wong YS 0 vs 3 David Tang (w/o)
Mohd Sepawi 2 vs 3 Mohd Aizat
Chooi Yew Wah 2 vs 3 William Teo
Jimmy Teo 0 vs 3 Mohd Zubir
Jacky Lee 1 vs 3 Elvin Lean
Andin Tan 3 vs 0 Jackson Wong
JH Leong 0 vs 3 Nor Iskandar
Jason Ng 2 vs 3 Ricky Sun

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2 Results at Good 9

Day 2 matches completes with most of the Preliminary Round matches completed. Tomorrow will see the seeded players in action after the last of Preliminary Rounds finishes their matches for the 830pm session.

Below are the results for Day 1 & Day 2

Updated results - Leg 3 - Good 9 Snooker

Friday, February 24, 2012

Draw for Leg 3

Leg 3 of the XZ Snooker Tour 2012 brings the event back to Klang Valley, this time at Good 9 Snooker & Pool Club in Sri Petaling. Total of 74 players have registered for the Championship starting on 26 Feb, this Sunday with the concluding Final on 3 March. Below is the draw for the Championship.

Draw - Leg 3 - Good 9 Snooker & Pool Club

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike Yow Memorial Cup 2012

The updated information for the event has now been updated and for those who are interested to participate, please visit the page at the following link for more information:-

Mike Yow Memorial Cup 2012 - Information & Updates

Kindly contact the following to register:-
- Jimmy Teo 017 992 6772
- Alan Tang 012 782 9711
- Peter Foo 014 626 7074
- Oman 014 225 3331
- Anthony Teh 012 366 1202

A-Que Snooker Tournament & Lucky Draw 2012

Event Date
19 - 25 March 2012

Prize Money
Champion - RM 1,800 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 800 + Trophy
Semi Finalists - RM 300 + Trophy
Quarter Finalists - RM 100 + Trophy
Last 16 - RM 50 + Medal

Lucky Draw - Smartphones x 5pcs

Event Venue
A-Que Snooker & Pool Club
Lot 702, Level 7, Block B3
Leisure Commerce Square
No 9, Jalan PJS 8/9
Petaling Jaya 46150 Selangor
Location Map

Entry Fee RM 50 (Loser pay table charges)
Closing Date 17 Mar, Saturday
Draw Date 18 Mar, Sunday

Format of Play
- Preliminary Rounds to Last 16 - Best of 5 frames
- Quarter Finals to Final - Best of 7 frames

- Top 16 ranked players in XZ Snooker Tour 2012 and Ex-National players are not allowed to participate
- Organisers reserves the right to accept / reject any entries without any given reason
- Lucky Draw will be conducted after the Final and winners must be present to collect the prizes personally

Entries & Enquiries
BOY Tan 012 905 2905
Lee Hwa Meng 016 499 0760

Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to back wins for Rory

(l-r) Lee Hwa Meng, Jackson Wong from JL Snooker and Rory Thor
It was nearly 2am when Rory finally won and it took him all seven frames in the Final, beating Lee Hwa Meng again at JL Snooker and Pool Training Centre Malacca to claim his 2nd win on the XZ Snooker Tour 2012.

The Semi Final matches were two different affairs for both finalists. Rory won his match easily as he whitewashed Patrick Ooi 4-0 to advance but Lee Hwa Meng on the other hand faced a tougher opponent in Imtiaz Serwer. With a record of losing 5-0 and 4-2 in their previous meetings, Lee pulled all his tricks together and finally managed to win Imtiaz 4-2 after a 4 hour long ordeal.

Final cued off at 10pm sharp with both players' vengeance buried within them, Lee vowing to get the better of Rory after losing in the Leg 1 at Brewball SSTwo Mall. Playing in great form, Rory claimed the first frame but was soon trailing after Lee claimed the next 2 frames to lead 2-1. Frame 4 was a more conservative match and Rory won it on the colours to level at 2-2.

Rory trying to play a safety shot
After a short break, Lee came back in full force and won Frame 5 with ease. Needing one more frame to claim the title and a sweet revenge, Lee played carefully in Frame 6 but Rory put on an aggressive approach to again level the match at 3-3, pushing the match to the final frame.

Safety play was exchanged for almost 15 minutes in the final frame when Lee made a mistake to open up the pack with a bad safety, and Rory pounced on the chance given to score a 62 break, leaving Lee requiring snookers with one red on the table. After another 15 minutes of snookering and safety play, Rory finally potted the brown to win the frame and match.

Lee Hwa Meng with his daughter
Rory walks away with RM 3,500 and the Champion's trophy for his effort whilst Lee took back RM 1,500.

Leg 3 continues in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, this time at Good 9 Snooker & Pool Centre from 26 February to 4 March.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 0 Patrick Ooi
Imtiaz Serwer 2 vs 4 Lee Hwa Meng

Final Result
Rory Thor 4 vs 3 Lee Hwa Meng

Full Results - Leg 2 - JL Snooker

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rory aims for 2nd victory

Quarter Finals matches in progress
Current leader Rory Thor continues his march into the Semi Finals, after defeating local player Loh Chern Su, aiming for his 2nd victory at JL XZ Snooker Championship 2012 in Malacca. He plays 2 times national champion Patrick Ooi tomorrow in the semis whilst former national player Lee Hwa Meng takes on Imtiaz Serwer in the other match.

Roslan Yurnalis effort of 95 points remains untouched at the moment for the highest break with only 3 more matches left in the Championship.

Semi Finals starts tomorrow at 5pm followed by the Final at 8pm.

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 2 Loh Chern Su
47-53, 57-14, 70-35, 60-18, 17-72, 101-62

Ng Ann Seng 0 vs 4 Patrick Ooi
7-56, 30-61, 44-58, 37-67

Sam Chong 0 vs 4 Imtiaz Serwer
30-65, 35-64, 22-77, 7-46

Lai Chee Wei 2 vs 4 Lee Hwa Meng
80-1, 25-58, 55-44, 31-66, 36-69, 26-49

Semi Finals
16 Feb, Thursday
5pm session
Rory Thor vs Patrick Ooi
Imtiaz Serwer vs Lee Hwa Meng

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top seeds through to Quarters

Jeff aims as Patrick looks on
Low plans his next shot
Day 5 saw all top 8 players advancing through to the Quarter Finals stage of the JL XZ Snooker Championship 2012 without much fuss. Low Chern Su, sole survivor from home state, was the only player whom had to go all the way before finally winning CK Lim on the final frame.

Roslan Yurnalis, whom still holds the highest break with 95 points, could not advance further as he succumbs to Imtiaz Serwer by 2-4.

Quarter Finals is played tomorrow at 5pm and 8pm 2 sessions respectively, followed by Semi Final and Final on Thursday.

Last 16 Results
8pm session
Rory Thor 4 vs 1 Wan Md Hirzi
CK Lim 3 vs 4 Low Chern Su
Ang See Leng 0 vs 4 Ng Ann Seng (w/o)
Patrick Ooi 4 vs 1 Jeff Yeoh

10pm session
Sam Chong 4 vs 1 Muhd Fithri
Imtiaz Serwer 4 vs 2 Roslan Yurnalis
Thean Mun Cheong 0 vs 4 Lai Chee Wei
Lee Hwa Meng 4 vs 1 Mohd Shahdani

Quarter Finals
15 Feb, Weds
5pm session
Rory Thor vs Low Chern Su
Ng Ann Seng vs Patrick Ooi

8pm session
Sam Chong vs Imtiaz Serwer
Lai Chee Wei vs Lee Hwa Meng

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jackson and David out of contention

Roslan in action against David Tang
Local top players Jackson Wong and David Tang crashes out of the Championship as most of the seeded players goes through to the Last 16 stage. Roslan Yurnalis currently holds the highest break of the Championship with 95 points. XZ Tour current leader, Rory Thor will play tomorrow against youngster Wan Md Hirzi. Day 4 results are as below:-

13 Feb, Monday
8pm session
Wan Md Hirzi 3 vs 0 JH Leong
Ang See Leng 3 vs 1 Don Kam
Jeff Yeoh 3 vs 2 Mohd Aizat
KL Tan 2 vs 3 CK Lim

10pm session
Roslan Yurnalis 3 vs 2 David Tang
Muhd Fithri 3 vs 2 Azhar Ali
Jackson Wong 2 vs 3 Thean Mun Cheong
Shahdani 3 vs 2 Jasin Heng

Last 16 Round
14 Feb, Tuesday
7pm session
Rory Thor vs Wan Md Hirzi
Ng Ann Seng vs Ang See Leng
Low Chern Su vs CK Lim
Patrick Ooi vs Jeff Yeoh

10pm session
Sam Chong vs Muhd Fithri
Imtiaz Serwer vs Roslan Yurnalis
Lai Chee Wei vs Thean Mun Cheong
Lee Hwa Meng vs Mohd Shahdani

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3 Results

JL's club player in action
Local top players Jackson Wong and David Tang were amongst the few who made it through to tomorrow's matches whilst players from Penang dominated the scene. Day 4 will see the top seed players in action as the standard of snooker player goes higher by the day.

12 Feb, Sunday
8pm session
Wan Mohd Hirzi 3 vs 1 Ben Ng
Jefrrey Ku 0 vs 3 Nova Lee
BK Tan 0 vs 3 Terence Ng
Ang See Leng 3 vs 2 Teckson Khoo
Jeff Yeoh 3 vs 1 Saiful Anuar
Azhar Ali 3 vs 0 Henry Tan
Chong HS 0 vs 3 David Tang
Borg Ng 3 vs 0 Steven Ong
Turai T 1 vs 3 Jasin Heng
Teoh Jun Meng 3 vs 0 PK Tai

10pm session
Wan Mohd Hirzi 3 vs 2 Nova Lee
Terence Ng 1 vs 3 CK Lim
Jacky Lee 1 vs 3 Ang See Leng
Jeff Yeoh 3 vs 1 Ricky Sun
Alex Wong YS 1 vs 3 Azhar Ali
David Tang 3 vs 1 Mohd Zubir
Jackson Wong 3 vs 0 Borg Ng
Jasin Heng 3 vs 0 Teoh Jun Meng

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 2 Results for Leg 2

Event trophies for Leg 2
Day 2 matches has mixed results as both local and outstation players staged a good performance to advance to the next stage. The only female player, Kim Mei played well, only to lose 1-3 to JL's club player Henry Tan. Results for Day 2 are as below.

11 Feb, Saturday
8pm session
David Looi 0 vs 3 Jeffrey Ku
James Wong 1 vs 3 Nova Lee
BK Tan 3 vs 1 Tan Leong Wah
Terence Ng 3 vs 0 Edward Goh
Ang See Leng 3 vs 0 Lee Siong Fatt
Ming Choon 2 vs 3 Teckson Khoo
Choong Hon Khiong 0 vs 3 Saiful Anuar
Jeff Yeoh 3 vs 1 Alex Lim

10pm session
Azahar Ali 3 vs 0 Wee Kai Hoe
Kim Mei 1 vs 3 Henry Tan
John Woo 0 vs 3 Chong HS
David Tang 3 vs 0 Tay Ngee Siong
Eric Tan KW 1 vs 3 Borg Ng
Steven Ong 3 vs 0 Afiezuan Ghafar
Turai T 3 vs 2 Chin Tik Siang
Zuraidi Zalek 3 vs 1 Jasin Heng

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 1 Results at JL Snooker

Day 1 matches completed with most of the host venues players going through Round 1. Day 2 will see outstation players in action against the locals. Below are the results for Day 1.

10 Feb, Friday Results
8pm session
Sin Yun Jian 1 vs 3 Jeffrey Ku
Nova Lee 3 vs 0 Fila (w/o)
Tan Leong Wah 3 vs 0 Liew Pin Siong
Simon Sia 0 vs 3 Edward Goh
Lee Siong Fatt 3 vs 0 Victor Tan
Too Thur Yong 0 vs 3 Teck Soon Khoo
Darren Tan 0 vs 3 Saiful Anuar
Alex Lim 3 vs 0 Ng Shin Chern

10pm session
Wee Kai Hoe 3 vs 2 Tenny Tan
Popeye Tan 2 vs 3 Henry Tan
Chong HS 3 vs 0 Tan Wee How
Tay Ngee Siong 3 vs 2 Ong Mei Cheng
Borg Ng 3 vs 2 Melvin Ong
Jimmy Kam 2 vs 3 Afiezuan Ghafar
Chin Tik Seng 3 vs 0 Wu Su Teck
Jasin Heng 3 vs 0 Paul Raj

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Draw for Leg 2 at JL Snooker

Leg 2 of the XZ Snooker Tour 2012 goes to the historic state of Malacca, starting from 10 Feb with the Final being competed on 16 Feb. Being absent from the competitive snooker scene after hosting 2 Asian Invitationals previously, JL Snooker comes out to host this Championship for the local snooker fans to catch a glimpse of the current top Malaysian snooker players in action.

Click on the link below for the Drawsheet.

Draw - Leg 2 - XZ Snooker Tour 2012 - JL Snooker

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mike Yow Memorial Cup 2012

Mike Yow has always been an avid supporter of the local snooker & pool scene in both his personal and professional capacity. Hailing from a group of entrepreneurs, he was part of them whom initiated to open up a snooker and pool establishment which catered to the sophisticated and upscale standard of living within Klang Valley. Golden Break Snooker & Pool Club, established since 2008, is now en route to opening it's 10th outlet in Sri Damansara.

The Mike Yow Memorial Cup 2012 snooker tournament serves as a memory to his contribution towards the development of the snooker and pool scene. A total prize purse of RM 27,000 will be contested from 28 March to 5 April, which will see the event being competed across 4 venues, namely:-

- Golden Break Snooker & Pool Club, Kuchai Avenue
- Golden Break Snooker & Pool Club, Subang USJ
- Century Club Summit USJ
- High Break Snooker & Pool, Seri Kembangan.

Further event details will be updated soon, so do stay tuned.