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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 6 Results

Day 6 seemed the most spectacular and bizzare amongst the days of competition as a total of 9 seeded players started and ended their venture at the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club. Seeded No 1 Rory Thor Chuan Leong was forced to the wall and had to dig very deep in his match against multiple SEA Games medalist Sam Chong. After losing the first frame, Sam showed the junior his former playing form as he won 2 frames in a row and took lead by 2-1. Rory however kept his cool, playing slow and steady to win the next 2 frames and match 3-2 after a 2 and a half hour ordeal.

The Top 4 seeded players had no difficulty in winning their first match as Mohd Reza, Moh Keen Hoo and Lai Chee Wei brushed their opponents away with 3-0, 3-1 and 3-0 against Choo Gim Pin, JH Leong and Peter Lee respectively. The other seeded players were not as fortunate as they were shown the exit in their opening match, only being able to wait and participate next year's edition.

The Last 16 round matches will start tomorrow at 7pm followed by the Quarter Final matches at 10pm. Both session matches will be played over the Best of 7 frames.

Below are the results for Day 6 Last 32 Rounds:-

830pm session
Thor Chuan Leong 3 vs 2 Sam Chong
Chooi Yew Wah 1 vs 3 Azhar Red
Khor Tat Siong 0 vs 3 Patrick Ooi
Ng Ann Seng 3 vs 2 Frankie Kok
Sheldon 3 vs 2 Jimmy Teo
H'ng Yuan Jun 3 vs 0 Jason Cheong
Ng U-Wern 0 vs 3 Goh Boon Sun
Lai Chee Wei 3 vs 0 Peter Lee

1030pm session
Moh Keen Hoo 3 vs 1 JH Leong
Moh Loon Hong 1 vs 3 Michael Tan
Adam Foo 1 vs 3 Elvin Lean
Roslan Yurnalis 3 vs 0 Yazeer
Thean Mun Kit 0 vs 3 Cruise Lim
Heng Jee Kwee 0 vs 3 Ibrahim Amir
Henrey See Thoe 3 vs 2 Ooi Chin Kay
Mohd Reza 3 vs 0 Choo Gim Pin

30 May 2010, Friday
Last 16 Round - 7pm session
Thor Chuan Leong vs Azhar Red
Ng Ann Seng vs Patrick Ooi
Sheldon vs Goh Boon Sun
H'ng Yuan Jun vs Lai Chee Wei
Moh Keen Hoo vs Michael Tan
Elvin Lean vs Roslan Yurnalis
Cruise Lim vs Ibrahim Amir
Henrey See Thoe vs Mohd Reza

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 5 Results

Day 5 of the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 saw another 16 players eliminated as the Last 64 rounds commenced. 2 times national snooker champion Patrick Ooi had no problem dismissing the only remaining girl Lim Siew Boon from progressing as he wins the match 3-0. Multiple SEA Games medalist Sam Chong AMN after winning the first frame with a 57 break, was then given a tough match in frame 2 before losing it on the black. But that was all Lee Kok Seong could win as Sam Chong notched one gear up to win the next 2 frames and match by 3-1.

Former Asian Champion Ooi Chin Kay and Former National Champion Elvin Lean also had no difficulty to progress as both of them won their matches 3-0 against Wong Han Wei and William Teo respectively. Current National Pool Champion Ibrahim Amir also cleared his opponent SS Ong with ease by winning 3-0.

Tomorrow will see the Top 16 seeded players in action as they compete against today's winners in the Last 32 round.

Below are the results for Day 5:-

830pm session
H'ng Yuan Jun 3 vs 2 KL Tan
Goh Boon Sun 3 vs 2 Fong Keng Seng
Lim Siew Boon 0 vs 3 Patrick Ooi
Lee Kok Seong 1 vs 3 Sam Chong
Patrick Koh 0 vs 3 Frankie Kok
Azhar Red 3 vs 0 Rismen Teh
Sheldon 3 vs 0 Jason Ng
Alvin Chin 0 vs 3 Peter Lee (w/o)

1030pm session
JH Leong 3 vs 1 Ang See Leng
Ooi Chin Kay 3 vs 0 Wong Han Wei
William Tan 1 vs 3 Cruise Lim
Choo Gim Pin 3 vs 0 Mr Su
Ibrahim Amir 3 vs 0 SS Ong
William Teo 0 vs 3 Elvin Lean
David Tang 0 vs 3 Michael Tan
Yazeer 3 vs 0 David Lye

Last 32 Rounds
830pm session
Sam Chong vs Thor Chuan Leong
Azhar Red vs Chooi Yew Wah
Patrick Ooi vs Khor Tat Siong
Frankie Kok vs Ng Ann Seng
Sheldon vs Jimmy Teo
Goh Boon Sun vs Ng U-Wern
H'ng Yuan Jun vs Jason Cheong
Peter Lee vs Lai Chee Wei

1030pm session
JH Leong vs Moh Keen Hoo
Michael Tan vs Moh Loon Hong
Elvin Lean vs Adam Foo
Yazeer vs Roslan Yurnalis
Cruise Lim vs Thean Mun Kit
Ibrahim Amir vs Heng Jee Kwee
Ooi Chin Kay vs Henrey Seethoe
Choo Gim Pin vs Mohd Reza

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Ranking Snooker Championship Dates Announced

A series of snooker tournament titled the National Ranking Snooker Championship has recently been announced with a total of 7 clubs participating to support and host the snooker tournaments. Below are the respective event dates and clubs for the Championship:-

(1) 8 - 14 May at The Ball Room Snooker, Wisma MPL, KL
(2) 3 - 9 June at Club 28 Snooker, Puchong Perdana, Selangor
(3) 21 - 27 June at Star Snooker, I0I Mall Puchong Jaya
(4) 25 - 31 July at Club 2 Snooker, Komplek I0I Prima, Puchong Jaya.
(5) 8 - 14 August at Red Ball Snooker, Sri Kembangan, KL
(6) 1 - 7 September at Pelangi Snooker, Taman Sea Park, PJ
(7) 20 - 26 September at Century Snooker, Summit Komplek, USJ

For enquiries and entries with regards to the tournament, please contact Tournament Director Mr Iskandar Perwira at +6012 305 6657.

More details about the Championship will be posted soon.

Day 4 Results

Although an evening rain storm broke out and was determined to delay players coming, some how it failed to do so as they all arrived at the venue with ample time to spare before the 1st session. Among the few competing in the 830pm session, was former National Champion Elvin Lean and he was playing seasoned campaigner Tan Seng Teck in his 1st round match. Frame scores were leveled at 1 each before Elvin made a 92 break in frame 2 and then won the match 3-1.

1030pm session was not sparred as former national top guns played their 1st round matches. Former Asian Champion Ooi Chin Kay and current national pool champion Ibrahim Amir were among the few playing. Ibrahim Amir won his match little effort as CM Lee could not take a frame from him and lost 0-3. Ooi Chin Kay, known for his power "tarik" shots, demonstrated how snooker was played to a crowded arena and won both his match against Tuck Yong and the audiences approval of his snooker play.

Winners of yesterday and today matches will play tomorrow at 830pm and 1030pm session.

The Top 16 seeded players will be in action on 29 April, Thursday in 830pm and 1030pm sessions.

Below are the results for Day 4:-

Rick Lam 2 vs 3 JH Leong
Ang See Leng 3 vs 0 PK Tai
Michael Tan 3 vs 1 Raj
Amers Loh 2 vs 3 David Tang
Don Kam 0 vs 3 David Lye
Elvin Lean 3 vs 1 Tan Seng Teck
Yazeer 3 vs 1 EK Chua
William Teo 3 vs 2 Ben Reeves

Erwin Phoon 1 vs 3 Cruise Lim
CM Lee 0 vs 3 Ibrahim Amir
Shahzlan 2 vs 3 SS Ong
Tuck Yong 1 vs 3 Ooi Chin Kay
Raphael Loh 2 vs 3 William Tan
Wong Han Wei 3 vs 2 BK Tan
Choo Gim Pin 3 vs 0 William Loo
Mr Su 3 vs 2 Mohd Fauzi

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 3 Results

Day 3 saw a few familiar faces as players like Sam Chong AMN and Patrick Ooi took to the table playing in Round 2 matches at 830pm session for the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club.

2 times National Champion Patrick Ooi who has been missing from snooker scene for some time, had no hassle at dismissing his opponent Jack Yong with breaks of 79 and 74 to win 3-0. Sam Chong, multiple SEA Games medalist, was a bit rusty on the 1st frame as his opponent Roger Lau took the opening frame. But that was only all Roger could win as Sam Chong went on to win 3 frames in a row sealing off the match 3-1. The only female player Lim Siew Boon continues to march into the next round as she wins veteran player Eric Lim 3-1 to face Patrick Ooi for her Last 64 match.

The 1030pm session was equally exciting as high breaks was sprouting from nearly every corner. Currently KL Tan holds the highest break with 98 points winning his match against Azhar Indah 3-1. Another promising player 17 years old H'ng Yuan Jun had breaks of 46, 48, 41 and 60 to win his match comfortably 3-0 against Rizal Sabidi. Another player Peter Lee also made a 95 break in his last frame to win his match 3-1 against Jasri. Below are the results for Day 3:-

Lee Kok Seong 3 vs 0 Sahrizan
Sam Chong AMN 3 vs 1 Roger Lau
Kong Sing Yew 1 vs 3 Azhar Red
Rismen Teh 3 vs 0 Wong Kah Poh
Eric Lim 1 vs 3 Lim Siew Boon
Patrick Ooi 3 vs 0 Jack Yong
Patrick Koh 3 vs 0 Anthony Teh
Frankie Kok 3 vs 1 Desmond Wong

Mohd Nazri 0 vs 3 Sheldon (w/o)
Alex Liew 2 vs 3 Jason Ng
Goh Boon Sun 3 vs 0 Chua
Fong Keng Seng 3 vs 0 Ali Saifuddin
KL Tan 3 vs 0 Azhar Indah
H'ng Yuan Jun 3 vs 0 Rizal Sabidi
Alvin Chin 3 vs 0 Sing Yang
Peter Lee 3 vs 1 Jasri

Tomorrow matches will be played at 830pm and 1030pm.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 2 Results

Day 2 saw a few walkovers and another 14 players progressing to Round 2 at the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club. Below are the results for Day 2:-

PK Tai 3 vs 0 Chan HJ (w/o)
Raj 3 vs 2 Mohd Sharif
David Tang 3 vs 0 Mohd Afifi
Richard Ang 1 vs 3 Ben Reeves
Eddy Ng 0 vs 3 Tan Seng Teck
Mohd Hirzi 1 vs 3 EK Chua
David Lye 3 vs 1 Mohd Syakir

YW Lim 2 vs 3 Raphael Loh
Erwin Phoon 3 vs 0 Nazroff
CM Lee 3 vs 1 Willy Tan
Adrian Low 0 vs 3 Shazlan (w/o)
Tuck Yong 3 vs 2 KB Tan
Wong Han Wei 3 vs 0 Yusof Sabah (w/o)
Mr Su 3 vs 1 CK Lim

Matches for Day 2 will start tomorrow at 830pm

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 1 Results

Day 1 started with 28 players taking to the table today in the Round 1 of the 24th National Snooker Championship at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club. Below are the results:-

Wei Loon Toh 0 vs 3 Roger Lau
Azhar Red 3 vs 0 CK Yap
Wong Kah Poh 3 vs 0 Steven Chew
Lim Siew Boon 3 vs 0 Grace Loow
Yohan 0 vs 3 Jack Yong
HL Foo 1 vs 3 Anthony Teh
Desmond Wong 3 vs 2 YL Lim

Mohd Nazri 3 vs 2 JM Sam
Charles 2 vs 3 Jason Ng
Danny Lim 2 vs 3 Chua
Calvin Wong 2 vs 3 Ali Saifuddin
Azhar Indah 3 vs 0 Mohd Fitri
Jack Wong 1 vs 3 Ejol
Jasri 3 vs 0 Ben

Tomorrow Round 1 matches starts at 5pm.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draw for 24th National Snooker Championship 2010

Please find below the draw for the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 to be held at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club from 24 April to 1 May.

Draw - 24th National Snooker Championship 2010

[ from MSBF - ]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doubles partner flies to Las Vegas

Luong Chi Dung in action in the Final
Luong Chi Dung now joins his doubles partner Do Hoang Quan on the flight to Las Vegas as he wins Day 4 of the Party World Pool Masters 2010 Qualifier Malaysia at Golden Break Pool Club. He beats Tan Tiong Boon of Singapore 9-5 to qualify for the Main Event.

Having regained his matchplay form only on the fourth day, Chi Dung played well to win his early matches against Jimmy Jusman of Indonesia and Tony Chong of Malaysia. In his quarter final match, he was up against current Malaysia’s national champion Ibrahim Amir and was up against a wall. Early racks were equally shared until Chi Dung reached the hill leading 8-7 but a mistake in rack 16 gave Ibrahim a chance to level the scores at 8-8. Ibrahim broke off in the final rack but found himself hampered at Ball 1. He tried saving which was unsuccessful and gave Chi Dung a chance at Ball 1. Chi Dung overcutted Ball 1 allowing Ibrahim to come in and clear up to Ball 6. Ball 7 and 8 were stuck together which Ibrahim tried to play a cannon to release both balls but was unfortunate to find the cue ball half an inch away from Ball 7. He played a safety but was countered by Chi Dung with a snooker behind Ball 9. He escaped beautifully from the snooker only to find the cue ball spinning it’s way into the corner pocket and Chi Dung stepped up to clear the table, narrowly stealing rack 17 and match to advance into Semi Final playing against fellow team mate Long Nguyen Phuc.
Semi finals was a derby match as both players spar regularly. Luong Chi Dung showed no signs of pressure as he cleared several racks to lead 5-1. Phuc Long struggled, unable to regain his playing form and managed to narrow the gap to 5-4. But that was all he could achieve as Chi Dung went to win 4 racks in a row to advance into the Final.

The other finalist Tan Tiong Boon however, had to go through a nail biting tough semi final match over 2 hours of matchplay, having to complete all 17 racks to win Elvin Lean from Malaysia.

The Final was a presentation of advance pool playing as both players displayed both tight safety and unmissable potting skills. But it was Chi Dung who was the better player reeling off 4 racks and was leading Tiong Boon 5-1. Following racks were shared between them as they broke and clear each rack, and Chi Dung was only 1 rack away from winning as he led 8-5. A few safety exchanges and an unsuccessful safety play by Tiong Boon gave Chi Dung a chance to clear, leaving only Ball 8 and 9 on the table. Playing a deep reverse side spin to pocket Ball 8, he somehow missed it as Ball 8 managed to stay on the table, leaving Tiong Boon with a thin cut on Ball 8. He too however missed Ball 8 and Chi Dung came on to the table clearing both balls to win the rack and match.

Luong Chi Dung joins team mate Do Hoang Quan also from Vietnam, Ahmad Taufiq from Brunei and Muhd Zulfikri from Indonesia to compete in the prestigious Party World Pool Masters 2010 at Las Vegas.

Below is the result for Day 4.

Day 4 Results

[ from XZ Sports - ]

Qualifier to Las Vegas - Luong Chi Dung from Vietnam

Runner up - Tan Tiong Boon from Singapore
Semi finalist - Elvin Lean from Malaysia
The 4 Qualifiers to Las Vegas (L-R) Ahmad Taufiq from Brunei, Luong Chi Dung from Vietnam, Do Hoang Quan from Vietnam and Muhd Zulfikri from Indonesia

Friday, April 16, 2010

All Indonesian final confirms presence in Las Vegas

When the semi finals started, the Organizers had already announced the winning country for Day 3 as four Indonesians advanced to the semi final stages taking up all 4 spots.  It was Muhd Zulfikri who eventually prevailed as Day 3 winner by beating fellow country men Imran Ibrahim 9-4.

Muhd Zulfikri after defeating Jimmy Jusman in the semi final, 2nd time in 3 meetings, raced to take the lead in the final by a wide margin of 8-1 and was 1 rack away from claiming victory. Imran Ibrahim who beat Apsi Chaniago after a grueling 2 hours semi final, took a time out and managed to reduce the gap to trail 8-4. But as Muhd Zulfikri broke off in rack 13, the 1 ball was insight but no potting angle with 2 balls pocketed. Playing a snooker on 1 ball, leaving the cue ball behind 4 ball, Imran played a great escape but left a chance for Muhd Zulifikri. He then potted 1 ball and followed to clear the rack without looking back, sealing rack 13 and match over Imran Ibrahim.

Muhd Zulfikri now joins Ahmad Taufiq of Brunei and Do Hong Quan of Vietnam to compete in the final stages of Party World Pool Masters 2010 at Las Vegas from May 13 to 16.

Below are the results for Day 3 and draw chart for Day 4.

Day 3 Results

Day 4 Drawchart

[ from XZ Sports - ]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vietnam secures a spot in Las Vegas

Do Hong Quan plays a jumpshot

Shy and quiet, Do Hong Quan from Vietnam is the kind of player who prefers to let his game do the talking. And it was proven on Day 2 when he secured himself a spot at the Party World Pool Masters 2010 at Las Vegas by beating Chan Keng Kwang of Singapore 9-7.

A gold medalist in the Men’s 9 Ball Double discipline at the 25th SEA Games in Laos last year, Hong Quan showed his skills as he won his early matches easily with wins of 9-2 over Hassan S’hafraz in the first match followed by wins over Oliver Downey from England and Day 1 runner up Goh Chin Teck of Singapore.

Hong Quan played well in the Final and was soon at the hill leading 8-4 with 1 more rack to win. A careless mistake in rack 13 cost him the rack and Keng Kwang quickly closed in to narrow the gap to trail 8-7 . Breaking off in rack 16, Hong Quan potted the 6 ball and had a clear view of the 1 ball. Ball by ball, he potted each ball and cleared the rack to win rack 16 and match.

Do Hong Quan now joins Ahmad Taufiq of Brunei on the plane to Las Vegas awaiting 2 more qualifiers from 2 remaining days.

Below are the results for Day 2 and the Drawchart for Day 3 in PDF version.

Day 2 Results

Day 3 Draw chart

[ from XZ Sports - ]

Qualifier to Las Vegas - Do Hong Quan from Vietnam

Runner up - Chan Keng Kwang from Singapore

Semi Finalist - Tan Tiong Boon from Singapore

Semi Finalist - Long Nguyen Phuc from Vietnam

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 belongs to Brunei

After 13 hours of grueling matchplay and tensed action, Ahmad Taufiq prevailed as the 1st player to qualify at Golden Break Pool Club for the Party World Pool Masters 2010 to be held at Las Vegas from 12-17 May.

Taufiq held on to his nerves as he played rack by rack to win Goh Chin Teck of Singapore with a scoreline of 9-3. AFter surviving a nail biting final rack win over Johari Abdullah in the first match, he went on to beat Ibrahim Amir, current national champion of Malaysia and seasoned campainger Jimmy Jusman of Indonesia. By the time the first ball starting to roll in the Final, signs of victory were seen as he broke to a big lead of 6-3 racks. A golden break in rack 10 further extended his lead to 7-3 and another fatal mistake by Goh in rack 12 then gave Taufiq the rack and match.

Day 2 begins tomorrow with a total of 45 players starting their first match at 12pm.

Below is the link for Day 1 Results and Day 2 draw chart in PDF version

Day 1 Results
Day 2 Drawchart

[ from XZ Sports - ]
Ahmad Taufiq of Brunei with his ticket to Las Vegas

Goh Chin Teck of Singapore with runner up prize money USD500

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pool Battleground ingites as players arrive at Malaysia

Players from all over Asia started to arrive today at Golden Break Pool Club as they begin preparing for tomorrow matches. Players including SEA Games 2009 Gold Medalist Nguyen Phuc Long, Do Hoang Quan with Luong Chi Dung and Indonesia top players Muhd Zulfikri and Jimmy Jusman have all came here to compete and qualify for the main event at Las Vegas. Winners of the qualifier will be given 1 spot to play at the Party World Pool Masters 2010 with accommodation and travel provided.

A total of 48 players will be playing tomorrow which the first round of matches starts at 12pm. They will be playing Race to 9 racks, Alternate break using the Single Elimination format.

Click here to download the draw chart for Day in PDF format
[ from XZ Sports - ]

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Century Snooker Tournament - April

Prize Money
Champion - RM 1500 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 800 + Trophy
Semi Finalists - RM 400 + Trophy
Quarter Finalists - RM 200 + Medal

New Century Snooker Centre
Seri Kembangan

Event Date : 18 - 22 April 2010
Entry Fee : RM40 ( No Table Charges )
Closing & Draw Date : 16 April 2010, Friday
Entries & Enquiries : Elvin Lean +6012 688 7161

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Veteran players takes control over Day 2

It was a day for veteran players as both former national players Elvin Lean and Alan Tan qualified for the Party World Pool Masters 2010 Qualifier Malaysia which takes place on 13 to 16 April.

Although a smaller field took part in today’s qualifier, quality of competitive play remain high as seasoned campaigners such as Kovic Chong, Moh Loon Hong and few others took to the table today.

Eventually 8 players made it through the Double Elimination stage which included yesterday’s giant killer Clement Lim and female women national player Joanne.

In the semi finals, both Elvin Lean and Alan Tan displayed near flawless technique as they beat Clement Lim and Danny Lim with scores of 9-2 and 9-3 respectively. With their high standard of match play, hopefully they will be able to repeat the same act during the Main Event.
[ from XZ Sports - ]
Alan Tan

Elvin Lean

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ng Ann Seng and KC Yin through to Main Event

After a grueling and fierce display of matches, the eventual winners saw multi SEA Games gold medalist Ng Ann Seng and KC Yin going through to the Main Event. Ng Ann Seng beat Haryadi Hadi 9-5 to advance while KC Yin beat Clement Lim with the identical score.

First day of the pre-qualifiers saw some of the players arriving at the venue before 12 preparing for the matches today. The rest came on time with no time to spare as the player’s briefing was going on. A total of 34 players registered for today’s match with hopes of being the 2 qualifiers to advance to the Main Event waived off the USD100 registration fee.

There were a few major upsets as giant killer Clement Lim beat current National Champion Ibrahim Amir 9-7 and later added another kill by beating former national pool player Alan Tan before bowing out to KC Yin in the semi final.

[ from XZ Sports - ]

Golden Break Pool Club

Ng Ann Seng

KC Yin

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Registration Deadline Extended for World Pool Masters Qualifier Malaysia

Due to numerous request and overwhelming response, we have now decided to extend the deadline for both events:-
Pre-Qualifying Tournament – 10 & 11 Apr – Deadline extended to 9 April (6pm)
Main Qualifying Tournament – 13-16 Apr – Deadline extended to 12 April (6pm)
For those who has yet to register themselves, hurry and register now to avoid disappointment.
For more information, logon to the event site at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trickshot 8 Ball Pool Tournament - Apr & May

Champion : RM2,000 + Trophy
Runner Up : RM900 + Trophy
Semi Finalist : RM400 + Medal
Quarter Finalist : RM150

Trickshot Cafe
A1 G06, Desa Palma
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negri Sembilan

Qualifying Date:
Tuesday 23rd March
Saturday 27th March
Saturday 3rd April
Tuesday 6th April
Saturday 10th April
Tuesday 13th April
Saturday 17th April
Tuesday 20th April

Saturday 22nd April

*All qualifying and final round will start at 8pm

Match Format
- Race to 3, Knock out format (Entire Tournament)
- Top 2 player qualify for every Qualifying round. All qualified players will advance to Final round(Saturday 22nd April)
- Qualified player can register again for other Qualifying round to
claim another seat in the Final Round.

*Non national ranking player got unlimited qualified seat to the final.
*National ranking player can qualify twice(2) only for this entire Tournament.

Registration Fee : RM40 (Free Table charges)

Entries & Enquiries

Sam 012 666 8128 or Keanne 012 933 5924

2K Setapak InHouse Snooker Tournament - Apr 2010

Prize Money
Champion - RM 2000 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 1000 + Trophy
Semi Finalist - RM 500 + Trophy
Quarter Finalist - RM 200 + Trophy

2K Snooker Setapak
Setapak (Danau Kota)
55-1 Jalan 2A/6
Taman Setapak Indah
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Entry Fee : RM 40 (No Table Charges)
Closing & Draw Date : 9 April 2010

Entries & Enquiries
Jimmy Teo +6017 260 9969
Moh Keen Hoo +6012 351 3551
Yong +6016 227 3023