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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rory survives scare to win at Club 21

(l-r) Rory Thor and Mohd Reza
Thunderous applause overwhelmed the venue as Rory Thor shaked Mohd Reza's hand, after a hard fought decider to win Leg 7 Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour and increasing his total tally of wins to 3 for 2011.

Semi finals was played in the earlier session and it was the seniors who were given the boot, as Sam Chong and Patrick Ooi lost to Rory Thor and Mohd Reza respectively. Rory made it look fairly easy as he white washed Sam 4-0 whilst Mohd Reza was made to work really hard before finally winning on the decider.

Both Rory and Reza are no strangers to being in the Final but signs of nervousness could be seen on each player's expression before the match. The crowd was also building up around the Final table even before the match started, as most anticipated a closely fought match.

Mohd Reza grabbed the early lead as the Final started but was soon overtaken as Rory won 2 frames in a row with breaks of 55 and and 58 to lead 2-1. Frame 4 looks to be in Reza's reach with a 48 break but was also quickly denied as Rory made another 69 break to extend the lead to 3-1, needing only one more frame to win the Championship. Feeling something amiss, Reza changed match strategy and managed to level the match at 3-3 without any breaks.

After a quick toilet break, both shaked hands and Reza cued off in the Final frame. After a few safety exchanges, Rory missed an easy Black off the spot, giving Reza a chance back on the table. Reza's turn however was immediately short lived as he missed an easy red to the corner pocket, which Rory immediately pounced on, making his 4th half century break of 76 points in the Final and winning the match slightly after the 12 midnight chimes.

(l-r) Chooi Yew Wah, Club 21 Management Representative,
Moh Keen Hoo and Melvin from Wiraka

Rory Thor wins the Champion's trophy and cash prize of RM 2,500 whilst Mohd Reza wins the Runner up trophy and cash prize of RM 1,000. Highest Break for the Championship goes to Moh Keen Hoo with 132 points, winning himself cash prize of RM 500 and a Atlantis Handmade Cue worth RM 1,100 sponsored by Wiraka.

Below are the results for the Semi Finals and Final.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 0 Sam Chong
67-51, 70-28, (66)70-25, 73-50

Mohd Reza 4 vs 3 Patrick Ooi
29-61, 13-58, 64-22, 52-28, 8-63, 60-20, 66-36

Final Result
Rory Thor 4 vs 3 Mohd Reza
30-66, (55)76-35, (58)89-26, (69)69-60(48), 49-64, 5-61, (76)101-0

Monday, April 25, 2011

Golden Break Pool Club Meru 10 Ball In-House Pool Tournament

Event Date
9 - 19 May

Prize Money
Champion - RM 1,800 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 900 + Trophy
Semi Finalists - RM 450 + Trophy
Quarter Finalists - RM 150 + Trophy

Golden Break Pool Club
50A-52A, Jalan Kelicap 42B/KU1
Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang

Closing & Draw Date 7 May, Saturday
Entry Fee RM 50 (Loser pay table charges)

Rules & Regulations
- Current Top 8 ranked players are not allowed to participate in this tournament
- Limited to 64 players only. Players will be divided into 8 groups
- 2 players will qualify from each group
- Stage 1 ( 9-12 May ) Double Elimination Format, Race to 7 racks
- Stage 2, Last 16 Rounds ( 17-19 May ) Double Elimination Format, Race to 9 racks
- Matches starts at 8pm

Entries & Enquiries
Juhan Sew - 016 331 6034
Khairi - 017 312 0221
Michael Soh - 012 498 5111
Alan Tan - 017 888 5488

Latest Results for Club 21

Please find below the updated results for the Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour 2011. Highest break currently stands at 132 points by Moh Keen Hoo.

21 Apr, Thursday
830pm session
Derick Wong 3 vs 1 Rocky Loh
Luw Mun Kit 3 vs 1 Shawn Liow
Mohd Raid 3 vs 2 SM Ow
Tee Yeo Yie 3 vs 1 Mohd Haziq
Don Kam 3 vs 2 Holmes Ng
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 1 JA Yee
Mohd Nizam 3 vs 0 Charles Chow
Jeff Che 2 vs 3 ST Tan

1030pm session
William Teo 3 vs 2 Derick Wong
Luw Mun Kit 0 vs 3 Thean Mun Cheong
Mohd Rofi 0 vs 3 Mohd Raid
Mohd Haziq 2 vs 3 Jerry Yap
Ben Reeves 3 vs 0 Don Kam
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 2 Muhd Fitri
Mohd Afifi 1 vs 3 Mohd Nizam
SK Keong 1 vs 3 ST Tan

22 Apr, Friday
William Teo 2 vs 3 Erwin Phoon
Thean Mun Kit 0 vs 3 Thean Mun Cheong
Mohd Raid 0 vs 3 Eric Yap
KL Tan 3 vs 2 Jerry Yap
Lim Zhi Wei 3 vs 0 Ben Reeves
Jason Cheong 3 vs 0 Muhd Fitri
Mohd Nizam 3 vs 0 Ooi Chin Kay (w/o)
Moh Loon Hong 2 vs 3 ST Tan

23 Apr, Saturday
Erwin Phoon 0 vs 4 Rory Thor
Elvin Lean 4 vs 0 Thean Mun Cheong
Eric Yap 1 vs 4 Sam Chong
Moh Keen Hoo 4 vs 0 KL Tan
Lim Zhi Wei 1 vs 4 Mohd Reza
Chooi Yew Wah 3 vs 4 Jason Cheong
Mohd Nizam 1 vs 4 Patrick Ooi
Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 1 ST Tan

24 Apr, Sunday
Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 1 Elvin Lean
Sam Chong 4 vs 2 Moh Keen Hoo
Mohd Reza 4 vs 2 Jason Cheong
Patrick Ooi 4 vs 1 Lai Chee Wei

25 Apr, Monday
6pm session
Semi Finals
Rory Thor vs Sam Chong
Mohd Reza vs Patrick Ooi

*Apologies for the delay in results update due to technical faults.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2 Results at Club 21

Day 2 Results for the Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour 2011 are as below

830pm session
Raymond Toh 0 vs 3 Rocky Loh
Roi Ong 1 vs 3 Derick Wong
Luw Mun Kit 3 vs 2 YS Leong
Andin Tan 2 vs 3 Shawn Liow
Joanne Lee 1 vs 3 Mohd Raid
SM Ow 3 vs 0 Ronald Saw
Tee Yeo Yie 3 vs 0 Tan Seng Teck
Mohd Haziq 3 vs 0 Anson Tan

1030pm session
Zahari 1 vs 3 Don Kam
Holmes Ng 3 vs 1 Melvin Yap
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 0 Michael Kok
JA Yee 3 vs 0 WL Cheong
Mohd Nizam 3 vs 0 William Teo
Charles Chow 3 vs 1 Mohd Zubir
Jeff Che 3 vs 0 Jarrod Lee
ST Tan 3 vs 1 WS Leong

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 1 Results at Club 21

Day 1 of Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour 2011 has completed. Updated results are as below

830pm session
Raymond Toh 3 vs 0 Jacky Wong
Roi Ong 3 vs 1 Teoh Jun Meng
Derick Wong 3 vs 2 Hendry Poh
Luw Mun Kit 3 vs 1 Shahdani
Ken Lim 0 vs 3 Andin Tan
Rayment Quah 2 vs 3 Shawn Liow
Joanne Lee 3 vs 2 Alex Wong
SM Ow 3 vs 0 Alvin Chin
Alvin Cho 2 vs 3 Ronald Saw
Tee Yeo Yie 3 vs 0 Sam Hong
Jacky Lee 1 vs 3 Mohd Haziq

1030pm session
Stacy Goh 0 vs 3 Zahari
Melvin Yap 3 vs 0 Tunku Nazroff
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 0 Daniel Loy
Michael Kok 3 vs 1 A Raj
WL Cheong 3 vs 2 Desmond Leong
Mohd Nizam 3 vs 2 Chan HJ
Aizat Malek 0 vs 3 Charles Chow
Mohd Zubir 3 vs 1 Hendry Tan
Mohd Sharif 0 vs 3 Jeff Che
Sia Hock Choong 1 vs 3 WS Leong

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour 2011 Draw

Leg 7 of XZ Snooker Tour 2011 will be played at Club 21, Kepong from 19 - 25 April. Below is the Draw for the Championship.

Draw - Club 21 XZ Snooker Tour 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Borneo Invitational 10 Ball Pool Championship 2011

Event Date
26 May - 1 June

Prize Money
Champion - RM 5,000 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 2,000 + Trophy
Semi Finalist - RM 800 + Trophy
Quarter Finalist - RM 250

Sheffield Snooker & Billiards Training Centre
Block B, 1st Floor, Lot 3A-7,
Lorong KK Taipan 1
KK Taipan, Inanam Township

Closing Date 20 May, Friday
Draw Date 7.30pm, 23 May, Monday
Entry Fee RM 100
Dress Code Smart Casual

Format of Play
Preliminary Rounds
- Double Elimination, Race to 7 racks
Knockout Rounds
- Single Knockout
- Last 16 & Quarter Finals - Race to 9 racks
- Semi Finals & Final - Race to 11 racks

Main Sponsors
RS Holdings Sdn Bhd
Majlis Sukan Negeri Sabah
Sheffield Snooker & Billiards Training Centre

Organiser Sabah Snooker & Billiards Association

Sanctioning Body Malaysian Snooker & Billiards Federation

Entries & Enquiries
Sheffield Snooker & Billiards Training Centre - +6088 420 108
Frankie Kok - +6019 841 7953
Nealson Low - +6019 820 6023
Bali Treman - +6016 552 0203
Larry Hiew - +6016 831 8050

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moh claims maiden win in 2011

(l-r) Sam Chong and Moh Keen Hoo
Moh Keen Hoo has proven once again that he is still the man to beat as he makes a comeback in the Final at Club 11 and beats Sam Chong on the decider to lift the trophy.

Both finalists was on tip top form when they literally swept their opponents away in the semi final matches. Moh Keen Hoo easily sent Rory Thor with a scoreline of 4-1 while Lai Chee Wei was whitewashed by Sam Chong 4-0.

The Final proved to be a much anticipated match as crowds were already in early, surrounding the match table without leaving an empty seat. Sam broke off in the first frame and Moh immediately pounced on him, not allowing back on the table, winning Frame 1. Sam immediately leveled the match back at 1-1 but Moh went one gear up to lead again at 2-1. Sam however had other plans as he reeled the next two frames and lead 3-2, requiring only one more frame to lift the Champion's trophy after a long dry spell of victories. That vision was smashed as Moh snookered him behind the yellow with Sam in Frame 6, needing to play a few cushions to reach the last red on the table. His effort appeared fruitless and gave away a total of 56 points to Moh, resulting in requiring snookers himself. After a few safety plays exchanged hands, Sam conceded and forced the match into overtime.

Final frame after breaking off seemed to be heading for a endurance affair as both players were seen nervous yet determined to not allow the other a chance at the table. After much tactical play and safety shots, Moh played a 50-50 shot which went in narrowly and capitalized on the opportunity to score, extending the lead to 30 points with one red left on the table. Sam played a snooker with Moh giving 4 points away but a careless mistake by Sam himself allowed Moh back on the table, clearing until Blue and winning frame and match.

Moh Keen Hoo walks away with his first Champion's trophy for 2011 and cash prize of RM 2,500 while Sam Chong takes away his second runner up's trophy for 2011.

Results for the Semi Finals and Final as below.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 1 vs 4 Moh Keen Hoo
12-64, 16-61, 88(64)-0, 23-85, 29-74(73)

Sam Chong 4 vs 0 Lai Chee Wei
61-50, 74-60, 66-47, 71-25

Moh Keen Hoo 4 vs 3 Sam Chong
59-29, 34-70, 78-8, 31-58, 7-73, 93-42, 59-24

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam Chong still a formidable force

Sam Chong proves that he still has what it takes to win matches as he advances into the Semi Final of Club 11 XZ Tour Series 2011. After beating former Asian Champion and team mate Ooi Chin Kay in the Last 16 Round, he went to win recent winner in the XZ Tour, Mohd Reza, on a final frame encounter in the Quarter Finals match. Sam now faces the winner of the recently concluded One Class leg, Lai Chee Wei, who seems to be on form for these few tournaments.

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 vs 2 Patrick Ooi
Moh Keen Hoo 4 vs 2 Sebastian H'ng
Mohd Reza 3 vs 4 Sam Chong
Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 1 Chooi Yew Wah

Semi Finals
12 Apr, Tues
Rory Thor vs Moh Keen Hoo
Sam Chong vs Lai Chee Wei

Final will be played at 9pm

Monday, April 11, 2011

Last 16 Results at Club 11

Last 16 rounds has just completed with the top seeds going into the Quarter Finals competed tomorrow.

Last 16 Results
Mohd Fitri 2 vs 4 Rory Thor
Patrick Ooi 4 vs 2 Elvin Lean
Jason Cheong 3 vs 4 Moh Keen Hoo
Eric Yap 0 vs 4 Sebastian H'ng
KL Tan 2 vs 4 Mohd Reza
Sam Chong 4 vs 2 Ooi Chin Kay
Thean Mun Kit 1 vs 4 Chooi Yew Wah
Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 1 Tan Seng Teck

Quarter Finals
11 Apr, Monday
8pm session
Rory Thor vs Patrick Ooi
Moh Keen Hoo vs Sebastian H'ng
Mohd Reza vs Sam Chong
Chooi Yew Wah vs Lai Chee Wei

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 3 and 4 Results at Club 11

Day 3 and 4 matches have completed at Club 11 XZ Tour Series 2011. Results are as below

Day 3
830pm session
Alvin Chin 2 vs 3 Mohd Raid
Desmond Leong 1 vs 3 Don Kam
Charles Chow 0 vs 3 Mohd Zubir
Holmes Ng 0 vs 3 Hendry Poh
Andin Tan 3 vs 2 Shahdani
Mohd Nazri 0 vs 3 YS Leong
Mohd Haziq 1 vs 3 Chan HJ
Jackson Wong 2 vs 3 Tan Seng Teck

1030pm session
Mohd Fitri 3 vs 1 Mohd Raid
Mohd Rofi 3 vs 1 Don Kam
SK Keong 1 vs 3 Mohd Zubir
JH Leong 3 vs 0 Hendry Poh
Mohd Afifi 0 vs 3 Andin Tan
YS Leong 2 vs 3 Ben Reeves
Jerry Yap 3 vs 1 Chan HJ
Tan Seng Teck 3 vs 0 Ng U-Wern

Day 4
9pm session
Mohd Fitri 3 vs 1 Thean Mun Cheong
Patrick Ooi 3 vs 1 Mohd Rofi
Mohd Zubir 1 vs 3 Jason Cheong
Eric Yap 3 vs 0 JH Leong
Andin Tan 1 vs 3 KL Tan
Ooi Chin Kay 3 vs 0 Ben Reeves
Jerry Yap 1 vs 3 Thean Mun Kit
Lim Zhi Wei 1 vs 3 Tan Seng Teck

Last 16 Rounds
10 April, Sunday
6pm session
Mohd Fitri vs Rory Thor
Patrick Ooi vs Elvin Lean
Jason Cheong vs Moh Keen Hoo
Eric Yap vs Sebastian H'ng

9pm session
KL Tan vs Mohd Reza
Sam Chong vs Ooi Chin Kay
Thean Mun Kit vs Chooi Yew Wah
Lai Chee Wei vs Tan Seng Teck

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 1 and Day 2 Results at Club 11

Day 1 and 2 Rounds matches have completed for the Club 11 XZ Tour 2011. Below are the results and draw for the Championship.

Draw - Club 11 XZ Snooker Tour 2011

Day 1 Results
830pm session
Shawn Liow 3 vs 2 Luw Mun Kit
WL Cheong 1 vs 3 Andy Chew
Desmond Leong 3 vs 1 Jacky Wong
Jacky Tan 2 vs 3 Rayment Quah
Michael Kok 2 vs 3 Charles Chow
Poo Teck Wei 2 vs 3 A. Zack
Mohd Nizam 3 vs 1 Raj Kumar
Alex Wong 0 vs 3 Hendry Poh

1030pm session
Stacy Goh 1 vs 3 Andin Tan
Shahdani 3 vs 0 Jack Looi (w/o)
Tunku Nazroff 3 vs 1 Zahari
Abdul Razak 2 vs 3 Melvin Yap
JM Sam 1 vs 3 Suki Wong
Chan HJ 3 vs 1 YL Lim
Kenny Wong 0 vs 3 Sia Hock Choon
Tan Seng Teck 3 vs 1 SC Cheu

Day 2 Results
830pm session
Shawn Liow 0 vs 3 Alvin Chin
Mohd Raid 3 vs 1 WL Cheong
Desmond Leong 3 vs 1 Ronald Saw
Don Kam 3 vs 1 Rayment Quah
Charles Chow 3 vs 1 Gilbert Wu
Mohd Zubir 3 vs 0 A. Zack
Mohd Nizam 1 vs 3 Holmes Ng
Jarrod Lee 1 vs 3 Hendry Poh

1030pm session
Andin Tan 3 vs 0 Jimmy Teo
Anson Tan 0 vs 3 Shahdani
Tunku Nazroff 0 vs 3 Mohd Nazri
YS Leong 3 vs 1 Melvin Yap
Suki Wong 2 vs 3 Mohd Haziq
Azhar Indah 1 vs 3 Chan HJ
Sia Hock Choon 1 vs 3 Jackson Wong
JA Yee 0 vs 3 Tan Seng Teck

Monday, April 4, 2011

MSBF snookered by internal strife

Suhana Dewi Sabtu managed to raise enough money from sponsors to compete in an invitational event in Taiwan
[ from News Straits Times - 3 April 2011 ]
[ by Ajitpal Singh ]
THE local cue sports scene could disappear if the Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (MSBF) fails to solve its internal matters soon.
The federation has been without a president following Raymond Lim's resignation on Jan 15.

Lim, the president of the Johor Snooker and Billiards Association, was elected to replace the long-serving Datuk W.Y. Chin, on Dec 17.

But he made an about-turn by tendering his resignation citing personal reasons.
Since then, the cue sports scene has been inactive and players are in two minds on whether to quit the sport.

They have also lost out in terms of international tournaments due to insufficient funding.

MSBF secretary Melvin Chia hopes the issues will be resolved at the yet-to-be scheduled council meeting.

"The council is supposed to meet on Friday but it could be postponed as some members can't commit to it. We need to address the problems and get the sport going again," said Chia yesterday.

"The council has neither met since last December's elections nor accepted Raymond's (Lim) resignation.

" It is an internal matter and we hope to solve it internally in accordance with the constitution."

Chia also confirmed that MSBF has not presented a proper programme for its players to the National Sports Council (NSC) for funding purposes.

"We have not had a full-time programme for our athletes since the 2009 Laos Sea Games. As for last year, we managed to get funding on an ad-hoc basis from NSC to expose players in preparation for the Asian Games.

"It is sad that we have not planned anything concrete for our players ahead of the Indonesia Sea Games. We need to start soon," he said.

NSC has also advised the federation to solve its internal matters in order to not lose out on funding.

Chia revealed that several players have raised their own money to compete overseas.

"Ibrahim Amir, a silver medallist in the Asian Games, managed to raise money from sponsors to compete in the ongoing Philippines Open while Suhana Dewi Sabtu did the same to play in an invitational event in Taiwan," he said.

In a move to keep the local players active, Chia formed the Selangor Snooker and Billiards Association on March 7 to organise a state-level circuit.

"It is important that we make sure our players are kept active. But of course, the real issue here is to get them funds to compete in international tournaments," he added.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chee Wei retains command at One Class

(l-r) Rory Thor and Lai Chee Wei
Chee Wei won at One Class in 2010 and he did it again this year as he beats Rory Thor to retain command at One Class XZ Tour 2011.

Lai Chee Wei played against his last year's Final opponent, Mohd Reza, in the Semi Final and won the match convincingly with a scoreline of 4-2. Rory Thor, in the other Semi Final match also swept aside Penang's whiz kid Sebastian H'ng with the identical scoreline to advance into the Final.

The Final is a rematch of two players who have played each other on numerous encounters with Lai leading in the statistics section and having more victories over Rory. Last time they played in the Final, Rory was victorious but it wasn't to be for this time around.

The Final cued off with Lai winning first frame but it was not too long before Rory leveled the match. After that it was a one way traffic as Lai with sheer determination and tactical play, took the match straight to the finishing line and won it 4-1.

Lai Chee Wei wins RM 2,500 cash prize and the Champion's trophy while Rory Thor wins RM 1,000 cash prize.

Results for the Semi Finals and Final as below.

Semi Finals
Rory Thor 4 vs 2 Sebastian H'ng
73-05, 71-35, 13-66, 88-0, 48-75, 63-10

Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 2 Mohd Reza
18-56, 68-51, 30-54, 51-49, 63-17, 90-23

Rory Thor 1 vs 4 Lai Chee Wei
18-61, 72-37, 41-75, 61-81, 42-63