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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Climax Indah Amateur Snooker Championship July 2012

Event Date
16 - 22 July 2012

Prize Money
Champion - RM 2,000 + Trophy
Runner up - RM 800 + Trophy
Semi Finalist - RM 400 +Trophy
Quarter Finalist - RM 200 + Medal
Last 16 - RM 100 + Medal

Host Venue
Climax Snooker Centre
L3/1-5, 43-43A, 45-48
Walkway Pusat Beli Belah
Pandan Kapital, Persiaran MPAJ
Jalan Pandan Utama, Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(formerly known as Indah Snooker Centre)

Entry Fee RM 40
Closing Date 13 July, Friday
Draw Date 13 July, Friday

Tournament Format
Preliminary Rounds to Quarter Finals - Best of 5 frames
Semi Finals & Final - Best of 7 frames

Terms & Conditions
- Top 16 Ranked players in XZ Snooker Tour 2012 are not allowed to participate
- Current and Ex National players are not allowed to participate
- Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject any entries without any given reason
- Dress Code
-- Last 16 to Final - Long Sleeve, Pants and Vest
Entries & Enquiries
Ng Ann Seng 016 620 7821

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sportsville In House 10 Ball Tournament July 2012

Event Date
8 - 15 July 2012

Prize Money
Champion - RM 1,500 + Trophy
1st Runner up - RM 700 + Medal
2nd Runner up- RM 300 + Medal
3rd Runner up - RM 200 + Medal
Quarter Finalist - RM 100 + Medal
Last 16 - RM 50 + Medal

Host Venue
Block B16-3 Sunway Giza
47810 Kota Damansara
Event Schedule
Stage 1 (Qualifying Stage) - 8 - 11 July 2012

Day 1 - 8 July, Sunday - 4pm
Day 2 - 9 July, Monday - 7pm
Day 3 - 10 July, Tuesday - 7pm
Day 4 - 11 July, Wednesday - 7pm

8 players in a group (Race to 6 racks)
2 players qualifies from each group

Stage 2 (Knockout Stage) - 15 July 2012
Last 16 to Final - Starts at 4pm
Last 16 & Quarter Finals - Race to 6 racks
Semi Finals & Final - Race to 7 racks

Entry Fee RM 50 (Inclusive of a non-alcoholic drink)
Closing Date 6 July, Friday
Draw Date 6 July, Friday

Terms & Conditions
- Double Elimination will be applied throughout the Tournament
- Alternate Break applies for all matches
- Top 8 national ranking players and ex-national players are not allowed to participate
- Loser pay table charges
- Organiser reserves all rights to accept, reject or amend any conditions without prior notice

Entries & Enquiries
Joseph Hoe - 010 464 1600
Cyrus Foo - 016 208 8835

Monday, June 25, 2012

Leg 2 Draw

Golden Break Snooker Tour 2012 moves to their Amcorp Mall outlet, playing host to Leg 2 which will begin tomorrow. A total of 64 players have registered, including Leg 1 Champion Fong Keng Seng, who is eyeing on the first placing already.

Draw - Leg 2 - GB Amcorp Mall

Leg 3 goes to Adam

Adam Samuel wins Leg 3 of the Perak Ranking Snooker Tour 2012 as he beats KK Wong at CyberOne Snooker Center in Ipoh. Adam takes home RM 1,200 cash prize and the Champion's trophy while KK Wong takes home RM 600.

Leg 4 will go back to Q Power Snooker Center next month

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aidi wins Leg 3

(l-r) Golden Break's Manager Lim and Aidi
Aidi wins Leg 3 Golden Break 10 Ball Pool Tour 2012 after beating Frankie Kok comfortably in the Final with a score of 11-4. He takes home RM 1,500 cash prize for the Champion while Frankie settles for the Runner up cash prize of RM 700.

Semi Finalist placings went to KC Yin and Hussein, both receiving RM 300 cash prize.

Group Photo

Biggest win for Imtiaz

Imtiaz lifts the trophy
Imtiaz Serwer couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he receives the biggest pay cheque of his tournament career yesterday. He beats Mohd Reza by 7-2 to win the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012 at Kuchai Lama

During the entire duration of the Championship, he was never in any real danger playing each match as he won all his Round Robin matches and winning straight through the Knockout stage to lift the trophy. The only closest fought match will be his match against Mohd Shehab during the Round Robin stage, which went to the deciding frame. It was a totally different story when they met again in the Semis and Imtiaz literally crushed Shehab to advance into the Final.

Mohd Reza, whom had to struggle to win Ng Ann Seng the day before from a 3-5 deficit in the Semis, was struggling very hard as he faced a very much in form Imtiaz in the Final.

The moment the Final cued off, there was much little to guess who was the hot favourite as Imtiaz immediately sped off to a 3-0 lead, leaving Reza still standing at the starting point.

A few careless mistakes by Imtiaz gave Reza Frame 4 but was quickly dismissed off as Imtiaz sprang back and sped off to win back-to-back frames, leading 5-1.

Winning Frame 7 to narrow the gap gave Reza a glimpse of hope to still survive in this match but that was never to be realized. Imtiaz revved up all engines and sped off straight to the Finish line, winning the match by 7-2.

(l-r) SSBA's President Melvin Chia, Imtiaz Serwer
and Top Two's GM Sam Chong

Imtiaz Serwer takes home RM 10,000 cash prize and a lovely crystal trophy for his Champion’s triumph while a very much disappointed Mohd Reza takes home RM 5,000 cash prize and trophy.

Highest break of the Championship went to Mohd Shehab from UAE with his 117 points break in his match against Jason Cheong, winning himself RM 1,000 cash prize plus a Atlantis cue and case, sponsored by Riley Wiraka Sports Trading.

Sam Chong, was also honored as he receives a certificate as Most Outstanding Performance for his triumph with Rory Thor to win the Men Snooker Double Gold at last year’s Palembang SEA Games.

For the full results of the Championship, kindly click here to view at the event page.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Final Live Feed

For all snooker fans have been following the Championship,  we will be test running a live streaming feed of the Final between Mohd Reza and Imtiaz Serwer via a third party site. Please click on the following link to view it :-

Final - Mohd Reza vs Imtiaz Serwer - Live Streaming

The Live Feed is also viewable via the screen just below the event calendar and the frame scores will be updated via the score ticker.

Face Off : Imtiaz vs Reza

Imtiaz plays flawless snooker in today's match
Imtiaz Serwer was literally sweeping up everything on the green baize while Mohd Shehab looks on helplessly, as Imtiaz wins his semi final match 6-1 without much effort.

From the country with the tallest building in the world, Mohd Shehab, currently ranked No 1 in UAE and also the current highest break holder for this Championship, seem distracted with his cue tip from the beginning and was not his usual self today. His form dipped and Imtiaz capitalized on every chance given, gaining a 4-0 lead before the 15 minutes interval.

After the interval, Shehab played slightly better and won Frame 5 to narrow the gap to 1-4. But that was all he could salvage, as Imtiaz pounced and took the next 2 frames to win the match, going into the Final and a chance to take home the RM 10,000 Champion's cash prize.

Mohd Reza plays a shot with the rest

Mohd Reza, after his recent round trip to snooker holy ground The Crucible, was very much in form coming into his Semi Final match. His opponent Ng Ann Seng, whom have been missing from this level of competition for quite some time, was also playing well with a glimpse of his used-to-be playing form.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Last 4 standing in Top 2

Mohd Reza takes aim in his match against Hong Kong's Lau Ka Lam
Mohd Reza, whom recently came back from UK after completing his WPBSA Coaching Course there goes through to the Semi Finals after convincingly beating Thailand's Yuttapop Pakpoj by 5-1, which included a high break of 96 points in Frame 2.

Mohd Shehab from UAE remains the only overseas player surviving in the Championship as it boils down to only 4 players left at the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012.

The Last 16 matches were mostly neck to neck encounters as some matches were decided on the final frame while the others were won clear cut. Top Two's resident pro Sam Chong finally was given the defeat as Lai Chee Wei beat him. Last year's semi finalist Elvin Lean was unable to repeat his performance as he lost to Imtiaz Serwer in the Quarter Finals.
Ng Ann Seng in his first semi final appearance this year 

Highest break of the Championship remains at 117 points by Mohd Shehab, potentially earning RM 1,000 cash prize for his effort, unless someone out do him in the remaining 3 matches in the Championship.

Semi Final will be played in 2 sessions, first one at 2pm between Mohd Shehab and Imtiaz Serwer while the second session will be played at 7pm between Mohd Reza and Ng Ann Seng. Both matches are played over Best of 11 frames.

The Final will be played on Saturday at 3pm over Best of 13 frames.

Full results for the Last 16 and Quarter Finals can be viewed at the event page.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top seeds crashes out

Elvin Lean in action
Today saw a few major upsets which turned the whole Championship topsy turvy as top seed Boonyarit Keattikun from Thailand crashes out in the Last 32 round. He lost to former national player, Roslan Yurnalis on the final frame final black at the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012 here at Kuchai Lama

XZ Snooker Tour 2012 top seed Rory Thor also goes out, although making 2 century breaks of 100 and 113 points, losing to Elvin Lean on the final frame. Elvin, who was last year's semi finalist in the same event, goes through to the Last 16 playing against Mohd Al-Joker from UAE.

Tomorrow's Last 16 round will be played at 3pm followed by the Quarter Finals at 8pm.

For the latest results of Last 32, please click here to visit the event page. 

Last 32 Knockout Stage

Boonyarit lining up a shot
After a very grueling 4 days of nail biting snooker action, the Round Robin stage of the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012 concluded with some players being eliminated. The top 4 in each group will then advance to the Last 32 stage which will begin tomorrow at 4pm and 8pm two sessions respectively.

Boonyarit Keattikun from Thailand made the 2nd century of the Championship with a 101 break in his match against Indonesia's Yohanes Yahya.

For complete results of the Round Robin stage and Last 32 Knockout Draw, please visit the event page.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3

Host Venue Top Two Snooker, Kuchai Lama
Most of the players were seen huddling around the Drawsheet, discussing the ins and outs as most of the Round Robin matches are completed on Day 3 of the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012 at Kuchai Lama. 

Some had glimmer of hopes in their eyes while some were drooping their head. Nonetheless, everyone focused and played very well. 

Day 4 is Judgement Day as only the top 4 of each group will qualify for the Last 32 stage to be played on 20 June. The Draw for Last 32 will be done tomorrow after all matches completes and everyone is invited to witness the draw.

For updated results, please visit the event page. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Biggest upset

Kow Kia in action
Day 2 of Round Robin stage for the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship saw the biggest upset of the Championship as Kow Kia whitewashed Top Two's very own Sam Chong.

Upcoming talent Kow Kia played a near flawless game as Sam was supported the home ground crowd. With full respect for Sam, Kow Kia focused and played well. Sam was unable to perform today due to lack of form and had to succumb the northern youngster.

Kow Kia from Group F has recorded 3 wins having played 3 matches whilst Sam has 2 wins out of 3 matches.

Current highest break goes to Mohd Shehab from UAE with a break of 117 points in his match against Jason Cheong which he won 3-0.

Day 3 continues with Round Robin stage as all players fights to qualify for the Knockout Stage for a cut of the RM 29,400.

For Round Robin Stage Day 2 Results, please check the event page.

Day 1 Round Robin Results

Day 1 saw most of the players taking to the green baize as the Round Robin stage begins today for the 2nd Top Two Selangor Asia Invitational Snooker Championship 2012 here at Top Two Snooker.

Tomorrow will also see all the overseas players in action as they all compete with the local players for the RM 10,000 cash prize.

Below are the latest results for the Round Robin Groups and it is also updated on the event page.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Round Robin Groups after Qualifying Round

The 16 Qualifiers have been drawn into the Round Robin stage, completing a total of 48 players with 6 players in each groups. The top 4 players from each group will then advance into the Knockout Stage which will start on 20 June.

Last 8 Qualifiers at Golden 10

Qualifying Rounds for the Top 2 Asia Invitational completes with the last 8 players making it to the Round Robin stage. Below are the players whom have qualified and the full results for Day 4.

  • Thana Raj
  • Kow Kia
  • KL Tan
  • Michael Tan
  • Lee Suk Fan
  • Anson Tan
  • CK Lim
  • Derek Tan

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 3 Qualifiers at Golden 10

Golden 10 Snooker & Pool Club, Fraser Business Park
Another round of Qualifying Round matches has completed as Day 3 matches takes place at Golden 10 Snooker & Pool Club. Below are the results for Day 3

Results - Day 3 - Qualifying Round

Thursday, June 14, 2012

8 Qualifiers through to Round Robin

8 players qualifies to the Round Robin stage as Day 2 matches completes at Top 2 Selangor Asia Invitational. Below are the players whom have made it through:-

  • Jason Kitz
  • Chan Kok Keong
  • Anthony Teh
  • Ricky Sun
  • Malcolm Yeng
  • Mark Yeo
  • Jason Cheong
  • Thean Mun Cheong

Day 3 matches will be competed at Golden 10 Snooker & Pool Club, Fraser Business Park with the first session starting at 8pm. Below are the results for Day 2.

Results - Day 2 - Qualifying Round

The Draw for the 16 Qualifiers will be conducted after the completion of all matches of Day 4 Qualifiers.

Qualifiers Draw
Top Two Snooker, Kuchai Lama
15 June Friday, 12am

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Additional legs for XZ Snooker Tour 2012

A total of 7 centres has recently confirmed hosting one leg of XZ Snooker Tour 2012 each, starting from end of July right up till the last day of 2012, 31 December. The confirmed venues and dates are as below:-

  • Leg 9 - 28 Jul - 1 Aug -- Pelangi Snooker
  • Leg 11 - 9 - 15 Sept -- Club 28
  • Leg 13 - 21 - 27 Sept -- Red Ball Snooker
  • Leg 14 - 4 - 10 Nov -- Club 11
  • Leg 15 - 25 Nov - 1 Dec -- Club 21
  • Leg 16 - 9 - 15 Dec -- TP Snooker
  • Leg 17 - 25 - 31 Dec -- Club 2

Additional information for individual events will be posted once confirmed.

Day 1 Qualifiers at Top 2

Tournament in progress at Top 2
Day 1 for Top 2 Asia Invitational Qualifying Rounds completes as players competes for the 16 spots in the Round Robin stage, where the seeded and invited oversea players awaits them. Below are the results for Day 1.

Results - Day 1 - Qualifiers Stage

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hwa Meng wins at home

(l-r) A-Que's Management Representative BY Tan, Lee Hwa Meng
Selangor SBA's President Melvin Chia and Rory Thor 
Lee Hwa Meng fully utilized his home ground advantage as he beats Rory Thor 7-5 to win the A-Que 6 Red Snooker Tournament.

The resident pro and coach of A-Que Club walks away with cash prize of RM 2,500 and a unique crystal trophy while Rory takes RM 1,000 cash prize for his runner up's effort. Patrick Ooi and Imtiaz Serwer each took home RM 400 for their semi finals effort.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 2 Invitational Groups and Draw Announced

A total of 112 players will be competing for the Champion's cash prize of RM 10,000 as the dates draw closer. Tournament Director Iskandar Perwira conducted the draw under the watchful eyes of Melvin Chia, President of Selangor Snooker & Billiards Association and Organizing Committee Chairman Sam Chong, whom will also be taking part in the tournament.

Qualifiers for the Championship will take place at two(2) venues, Top 2 Snooker & Pool Club and Golden 10 Snooker & Pool Club respectively. Therefore, players whom have registered for the Qualifiers, please take note of your match dates and venue. For information clarification and enquiries, do contact Iskandar at +6017 370 9719.

Below are the Qualifiers Draw and Round Robin Groups for reference. Daily Results will be updated on the Championship page, so please bookmark the link on the right for more info.

Qualifiers Draw
Round Robin Groups A - D
Round Robin Groups E - H

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Overseas Players confirmed for Top 2 Invitational

Mohd Shehab in action
With only about a week from the Championship, local top players have been seen training harder to go further and improve this outing. Players from the 6 other countries have also been confirmed as below:-

China Hong Kong
Lau Ka Lam
Wong Yun Shin

Boonyarit Keattikun aiming
William Ipaenen
Yohanes Yahya
Agus Suhaimi
Hekta Ahmat

Mohamad Lababi

Javier Chua Wei Sheng
Benny Loh Siang Leng

Yuttapop Pakpoj
Boonyarit Keattikun

Mohamed Shehab
Mohammad Al-Joakar

Amongst the overseas players coming for the Championship, a few players to look out for will be such as former professional player Mohd Shehab, current Thailand National U-20 Champion Boonyarit Keattikun and 2010 Asian U21 2nd Runner up Mohd Lababi, all whom will be challenging the top local seeds including current ranked No 1 Rory Thor, Patrick Ooi and Lee Hwa Meng, whom are on top of their game now.

The Qualifiers will be played from 12 - 15 June followed by the Round Robin stage played from 16 - 19 June. For latest results of the Championship, please click on the link on the left side.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First timer for Fong

(l-r) Thana Raj, Golden Break branch manager Jason Ng and
Fong Keng Seng
Seasoned campaigner Fong Keng Seng finally lands his first victory as he beats Thana Raj to win Leg 1 Golden Break Snooker Tour 2012 at their Desa Tun Razak branch. He wins by 4-1

Fong collects RM 2,000 for his effort whilst Raj takes home RM 1,000. Semi Finalist for the event goes to JM Sam and Tan Low Keat with each taking home RM 500 each.

Leg 2 moves to their Amcorp Mall branch starting from 25th June.