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Friday, May 30, 2014

Draw for Leg 6

XZ Snooker Tour 2014 continues within Cheras area as Suntex Snooker plays host to Leg 6. Day 1 starts on 2 June and will also see No 1 seed Rory Thor skipping this leg as he has been invited to Thailand to play in their tournament.

Draw - Leg 6 - Suntex Snooker, Cheras

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rory makes it 5

(l-r) Rory Thor, Snooker 88 Representative Ronald Sia and Patrick Ooi
Rory Thor extends his winning streak to 5 consecutive times as he beats Patrick Ooi 5-1 to win Leg 5 XZ Snooker Tour 2014 here at Snooker 88, Balakong.

After surviving a near loss scare in his first match, Rory showed why he was the new Asia Champion as he takes down the opponent one by one to yet again claim the Champion's RM 4,000 cash prize.

Patrick Ooi only manages RM 2,000 for his Runner up effort and Imtiaz Serwer takes the Semi Finalist prize and also the Highest Break prize for his 133 points effort.

Final Result
Rory Thor 5 - 1 Patrick Ooi

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rory in 5th consecutive Final

Rory Thor reaches his 5th consecutive Final after beating Imtiaz Serwer 5-4 in the Semi Final of Leg 5 XZ Snooker Tour 2014 here at Snooker 88, Balakong.

He will be playing Patrick Ooi, whom after winning Muhd Fithri 5-3 in the other Semi Final match.

Imtiaz Serwer although lost in the Semi, still holds on to the lead for the Highest Break prize with 133 points.

16 May, Friday
8PM - Rory Thor vs Patrick Ooi

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mohd Reza shown the exit

No 2 seed Mohd Reza is shown the exit after after being defeated by Muhd Fithri 4-3 at Snooker 88, Balakong. Muhd Fithri will be playing his first Semi Final in the XZ Snooker Tour 2014 which will start at 6pm tomorrow against Patrick Ooi.

Patrick Ooi, whom also made it through to the Semi Finals, snatches over the Highest Break lead with a 112 points break.

Semi Finals will be played tomorrow followed by the Final on 16 May, Friday.

Last 16 Results
Rory Thor 4 - 0 Azhar Rosli
Sheldon Senagang 0 - 4 Chooi Yew Wah
Moh Keen Hoo 4 - 3 Thean Mun Cheong
Thean Mun Kit 2 - 4 Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi 4 - 2 Elvin Lean
Sam Chong 3 - 4 Zack Loh
Muhd Fithri 4 - 3 Mohd Sepawi
Ng Ann Seng 3 - 4 Mohd Reza

Quarter Finals Results
Rory Thor 4 - 1 Chooi Yew Wah
Moh Keen Hoo 0 - 4 Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi 4 - 1 Zack Loh
Muhd Fithri 4 - 2 Mohd Reza

Semi Finals
15 May, Thursday
6PM - Rory Thor vs Imtiaz Serwer
9PM - Patrick Ooi vs Muhd Fithri

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rory narrow escape

Newly crowned Asian Champion Rory Thor was given a scare as he narrowly won his first match 3-2 against Nick Tan here at Snooker 88, Balakong to squeeze through to the Last 16 Round.

Current highest break holder goes to Thean Mun Cheong with his 107 break effort in his winning match against Mohd Rofi.

Last 16 Round
May 14, Wednesday
Rory Thor vs Azhar Rosli
Sheldon Senagang vs Chooi Yew Wah
Moh Keen Hoo vs Thean Mun Cheong
Thean Mun Kit vs Imtiaz Serwer
Patrick Ooi vs Elvin Lean
Sam Chong vs Zack Loh
Muhd Fithri vs Mohd Sepawi
Ng Ann Seng vs Mohd Reza

Results - Last 32 - Snooker 88, Balakong

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day Three Results

The first half of the seeded players have played their matches with most of them going through to the Last 32 rounds here at Snooker 88 Balakong.

Tomorrow will see the Top 16 players led by newly crowned Asian Champion Rory Thor to play their first match for Leg 5 XZ Snooker Tour 2014.

Results - Day Three - Snooker 88, Balakong

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day Two Results

All Preliminary Round matches completes on Day Two as the seeded players will come into action at Snooker 88, Balakong for Leg 5 XZ Snooker Tour 2014.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day One Results

Day One cues off at Snooker 88, Balakong as Leg 5 XZ Snooker Tour 2014 moves on to the Cheras area. Below are the results for Day One.

Results - Day One - Snooker 88, Balakong

Friday, May 9, 2014

Draw for Leg 5

The XZ Snooker Tour 2014 continues on to Leg 5 with Snooker 88, Balakong plays host to the top snooker players. Below is the Draw for Leg 5.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rory is Asia Champion

(l-r) Mohd Reza, Team Manager Iskandar Perwira,
Rory Thor and Moh Keen Hoo
Rory Thor will be penned down in Malaysia's snooker history as he becomes the 3rd Malaysian to win the Asia title after defeating Chinese Taipei's Hung Chung Ming 7-3 at Al Fujairah, UAE.

Following in the previous footsteps of Sam Chong and Ooi Chin Kay, whom both won the titles in 1990 and 1994 respectively, Rory has ended Malaysia's draught of 20 years and successfully brings the trophy back.

This is his 4th consecutive tournament wins in these few weeks after winning the MIKE YOW Memorial Cup 2014, XZ Snooker Tour 2014 Leg 4 and the TOP SEED Penang Open Snooker Championship.

Rory takes home USD 7,000 for his triumph and will receive a wildcard to play in the World Snooker Professional Tour.

Final Result
Rory Thor 7 - 3 Hung Chung Ming (TPE)
78(52)-27, 21-85, 83-32, 57-59, 59-25, 63-48, 0-88, 66-41, 133(133)-4, 113(105)-19

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rory through to Asia Final

Rory Thor maintains his top form throughout the past 3 weeks in Malaysia and is now in his 4th Final as he defeats India's Kamal Chawla 6-2 in the Semi Final of the 30th Asian Snooker Championship 2014 at Al Fujairah, UAE.

Below is his way to the Final:-

  • Last 32 - wins Iran's Amir Sarkosh 4-2
  • Last 16 - wins India's Dharminder Singh Lilly 4-0
  • Quarter Final - wins Pakistan Muhamad Asif 5-1
  • Semi Final - wins India's Kamal Chawla 6-2

Previous Malaysia's winner at the Asian Championship were Sam Chong in 1990 and Ooi Chin Kay in 1994. So if Rory wins tomorrow against Chinese Taipei's Hung Chung Ming in the Final, he will be the 3rd Malaysian to win the prestigious Asian title and have a chance to play in the Professional tour.

3 May, Saturday
3PM Malaysian Time
Hung Chung Ming (TPE) vs Rory Thor (MAS)