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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moh claims maiden win in 2011

(l-r) Sam Chong and Moh Keen Hoo
Moh Keen Hoo has proven once again that he is still the man to beat as he makes a comeback in the Final at Club 11 and beats Sam Chong on the decider to lift the trophy.

Both finalists was on tip top form when they literally swept their opponents away in the semi final matches. Moh Keen Hoo easily sent Rory Thor with a scoreline of 4-1 while Lai Chee Wei was whitewashed by Sam Chong 4-0.

The Final proved to be a much anticipated match as crowds were already in early, surrounding the match table without leaving an empty seat. Sam broke off in the first frame and Moh immediately pounced on him, not allowing back on the table, winning Frame 1. Sam immediately leveled the match back at 1-1 but Moh went one gear up to lead again at 2-1. Sam however had other plans as he reeled the next two frames and lead 3-2, requiring only one more frame to lift the Champion's trophy after a long dry spell of victories. That vision was smashed as Moh snookered him behind the yellow with Sam in Frame 6, needing to play a few cushions to reach the last red on the table. His effort appeared fruitless and gave away a total of 56 points to Moh, resulting in requiring snookers himself. After a few safety plays exchanged hands, Sam conceded and forced the match into overtime.

Final frame after breaking off seemed to be heading for a endurance affair as both players were seen nervous yet determined to not allow the other a chance at the table. After much tactical play and safety shots, Moh played a 50-50 shot which went in narrowly and capitalized on the opportunity to score, extending the lead to 30 points with one red left on the table. Sam played a snooker with Moh giving 4 points away but a careless mistake by Sam himself allowed Moh back on the table, clearing until Blue and winning frame and match.

Moh Keen Hoo walks away with his first Champion's trophy for 2011 and cash prize of RM 2,500 while Sam Chong takes away his second runner up's trophy for 2011.

Results for the Semi Finals and Final as below.

Semi Finals Results
Rory Thor 1 vs 4 Moh Keen Hoo
12-64, 16-61, 88(64)-0, 23-85, 29-74(73)

Sam Chong 4 vs 0 Lai Chee Wei
61-50, 74-60, 66-47, 71-25

Moh Keen Hoo 4 vs 3 Sam Chong
59-29, 34-70, 78-8, 31-58, 7-73, 93-42, 59-24

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