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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 6 Results

Day 6 seemed the most spectacular and bizzare amongst the days of competition as a total of 9 seeded players started and ended their venture at the 24th National Snooker Championship 2010 at A-Que Snooker & Pool Club. Seeded No 1 Rory Thor Chuan Leong was forced to the wall and had to dig very deep in his match against multiple SEA Games medalist Sam Chong. After losing the first frame, Sam showed the junior his former playing form as he won 2 frames in a row and took lead by 2-1. Rory however kept his cool, playing slow and steady to win the next 2 frames and match 3-2 after a 2 and a half hour ordeal.

The Top 4 seeded players had no difficulty in winning their first match as Mohd Reza, Moh Keen Hoo and Lai Chee Wei brushed their opponents away with 3-0, 3-1 and 3-0 against Choo Gim Pin, JH Leong and Peter Lee respectively. The other seeded players were not as fortunate as they were shown the exit in their opening match, only being able to wait and participate next year's edition.

The Last 16 round matches will start tomorrow at 7pm followed by the Quarter Final matches at 10pm. Both session matches will be played over the Best of 7 frames.

Below are the results for Day 6 Last 32 Rounds:-

830pm session
Thor Chuan Leong 3 vs 2 Sam Chong
Chooi Yew Wah 1 vs 3 Azhar Red
Khor Tat Siong 0 vs 3 Patrick Ooi
Ng Ann Seng 3 vs 2 Frankie Kok
Sheldon 3 vs 2 Jimmy Teo
H'ng Yuan Jun 3 vs 0 Jason Cheong
Ng U-Wern 0 vs 3 Goh Boon Sun
Lai Chee Wei 3 vs 0 Peter Lee

1030pm session
Moh Keen Hoo 3 vs 1 JH Leong
Moh Loon Hong 1 vs 3 Michael Tan
Adam Foo 1 vs 3 Elvin Lean
Roslan Yurnalis 3 vs 0 Yazeer
Thean Mun Kit 0 vs 3 Cruise Lim
Heng Jee Kwee 0 vs 3 Ibrahim Amir
Henrey See Thoe 3 vs 2 Ooi Chin Kay
Mohd Reza 3 vs 0 Choo Gim Pin

30 May 2010, Friday
Last 16 Round - 7pm session
Thor Chuan Leong vs Azhar Red
Ng Ann Seng vs Patrick Ooi
Sheldon vs Goh Boon Sun
H'ng Yuan Jun vs Lai Chee Wei
Moh Keen Hoo vs Michael Tan
Elvin Lean vs Roslan Yurnalis
Cruise Lim vs Ibrahim Amir
Henrey See Thoe vs Mohd Reza

1 comment:

  1. It shows that the current ranking system may not be suitable for the Malaysian snooker environment. After 20 years, perhaps MSBF should explore other ranking systems for a more accurate reflection of the player's strength and form. Even MSBF does not use the current ranking system for selecting the national players.

    As for the fallen seeded players, it is easy to fall when your opponent has already gone through a few matches whereas the seeded start their 1st match. this is not the pro circuit where the qualifying and main draw are held on separate months and different venues. for the seeded players, it'd be good for them to start early, say at the 64 or 96 stage. i'm sure 10 seeded players plus few that survived would agree.