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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 belongs to Brunei

After 13 hours of grueling matchplay and tensed action, Ahmad Taufiq prevailed as the 1st player to qualify at Golden Break Pool Club for the Party World Pool Masters 2010 to be held at Las Vegas from 12-17 May.

Taufiq held on to his nerves as he played rack by rack to win Goh Chin Teck of Singapore with a scoreline of 9-3. AFter surviving a nail biting final rack win over Johari Abdullah in the first match, he went on to beat Ibrahim Amir, current national champion of Malaysia and seasoned campainger Jimmy Jusman of Indonesia. By the time the first ball starting to roll in the Final, signs of victory were seen as he broke to a big lead of 6-3 racks. A golden break in rack 10 further extended his lead to 7-3 and another fatal mistake by Goh in rack 12 then gave Taufiq the rack and match.

Day 2 begins tomorrow with a total of 45 players starting their first match at 12pm.

Below is the link for Day 1 Results and Day 2 draw chart in PDF version

Day 1 Results
Day 2 Drawchart

[ from XZ Sports - ]
Ahmad Taufiq of Brunei with his ticket to Las Vegas

Goh Chin Teck of Singapore with runner up prize money USD500

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