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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doubles partner flies to Las Vegas

Luong Chi Dung in action in the Final
Luong Chi Dung now joins his doubles partner Do Hoang Quan on the flight to Las Vegas as he wins Day 4 of the Party World Pool Masters 2010 Qualifier Malaysia at Golden Break Pool Club. He beats Tan Tiong Boon of Singapore 9-5 to qualify for the Main Event.

Having regained his matchplay form only on the fourth day, Chi Dung played well to win his early matches against Jimmy Jusman of Indonesia and Tony Chong of Malaysia. In his quarter final match, he was up against current Malaysia’s national champion Ibrahim Amir and was up against a wall. Early racks were equally shared until Chi Dung reached the hill leading 8-7 but a mistake in rack 16 gave Ibrahim a chance to level the scores at 8-8. Ibrahim broke off in the final rack but found himself hampered at Ball 1. He tried saving which was unsuccessful and gave Chi Dung a chance at Ball 1. Chi Dung overcutted Ball 1 allowing Ibrahim to come in and clear up to Ball 6. Ball 7 and 8 were stuck together which Ibrahim tried to play a cannon to release both balls but was unfortunate to find the cue ball half an inch away from Ball 7. He played a safety but was countered by Chi Dung with a snooker behind Ball 9. He escaped beautifully from the snooker only to find the cue ball spinning it’s way into the corner pocket and Chi Dung stepped up to clear the table, narrowly stealing rack 17 and match to advance into Semi Final playing against fellow team mate Long Nguyen Phuc.
Semi finals was a derby match as both players spar regularly. Luong Chi Dung showed no signs of pressure as he cleared several racks to lead 5-1. Phuc Long struggled, unable to regain his playing form and managed to narrow the gap to 5-4. But that was all he could achieve as Chi Dung went to win 4 racks in a row to advance into the Final.

The other finalist Tan Tiong Boon however, had to go through a nail biting tough semi final match over 2 hours of matchplay, having to complete all 17 racks to win Elvin Lean from Malaysia.

The Final was a presentation of advance pool playing as both players displayed both tight safety and unmissable potting skills. But it was Chi Dung who was the better player reeling off 4 racks and was leading Tiong Boon 5-1. Following racks were shared between them as they broke and clear each rack, and Chi Dung was only 1 rack away from winning as he led 8-5. A few safety exchanges and an unsuccessful safety play by Tiong Boon gave Chi Dung a chance to clear, leaving only Ball 8 and 9 on the table. Playing a deep reverse side spin to pocket Ball 8, he somehow missed it as Ball 8 managed to stay on the table, leaving Tiong Boon with a thin cut on Ball 8. He too however missed Ball 8 and Chi Dung came on to the table clearing both balls to win the rack and match.

Luong Chi Dung joins team mate Do Hoang Quan also from Vietnam, Ahmad Taufiq from Brunei and Muhd Zulfikri from Indonesia to compete in the prestigious Party World Pool Masters 2010 at Las Vegas.

Below is the result for Day 4.

Day 4 Results

[ from XZ Sports - ]

Qualifier to Las Vegas - Luong Chi Dung from Vietnam

Runner up - Tan Tiong Boon from Singapore
Semi finalist - Elvin Lean from Malaysia
The 4 Qualifiers to Las Vegas (L-R) Ahmad Taufiq from Brunei, Luong Chi Dung from Vietnam, Do Hoang Quan from Vietnam and Muhd Zulfikri from Indonesia

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