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Friday, May 25, 2012

Last 16 at Master

Sam Chong and Ng Ann Seng crashed out in their first match as the Last 16 round of Leg 7 XZ Snooker Tour 2012 completes at Master Snooker & Pool Club, Cheras.

The rest of the seeded players went through without much hassle. Quarter Finals will be competed tomorrow at 5pm and 8pm respectively. The Final will be competed on Sunday 8pm.

Below are the results for the Last 16 round.

Last 16 Round Results
Andin Tan 0 vs 4 Rory Thor
Thean Mun Kit 4 vs 2 William Teo
Jimmy Teo 0 vs 4 Imtiaz Serwer
Lai Chee Wei 4 vs 2 Roslan Yurnalis
Mohd Aizat 0 vs 4 Lee Hwa Meng
Sam Chong 1 vs 4 David Tang
Muhd Fithri 4 vs 2 Ng Ann Seng
Patrick Ooi 4 vs 1 Nor Iskandar

Quarter Finals Round
26 May, Saturday
5pm session
Rory Thor vs Thean Mun Kit
Imtiaz Serwer vs Lai Chee Wei

8pm session
Lee Hwa Meng vs David Tang
Muhd Fithri vs Patrick Ooi

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