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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 5 Results for NRSC2010 Leg 1

Below are the results for Day 5 of the National Ranking Snooker Championship Leg 1 at The Ball Room. The current highest break stands at 93 points by Sam Chong.

Last 16 Results
Rory Thor 3 vs 2 KL Tan
Khor Tat Siong 
0 vs 3 Sam Chong
Roslan Yurnalis 
0 vs 3 Fong Keng Seng
William Teo 
0 vs 3 Lai Chee Wei
Mohd Reza
1 vs 3 Elvin Lean
Ng U-Wern 
2 vs 3 Ng Ann Seng
Jimmy Teo 
1 vs 3 Lim Zhi Wei
David Tang 
1 vs 3 Moh Keen Hoo

Quarter Final
13 May 2010, Thursday
830pm session
Rory Thor vs Sam Chong
Fong Keng Seng vs Lai Chee Wei
Elvin Lean vs Ng Ann Seng
Lim Zhi Wei vs Moh Keen Hoo

Semi Finals will be played on 14 May, Friday at 5pm followed by the Final at 8pm. Both matches will be played over the Best of 7 frames.

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