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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 4 Results for NRSC2010 Leg 1

The Top 16 National Ranked players to the green baize today, playing their first match at the Leg 1 of the National Ranking Snooker Championship 2010 at The Ball Room. Below are the results for 830pm and 1030pm session.

830pm session
Rory Thor Chuan Leong 3 vs 1 Alvin Chin
KL Tan 3 vs 1 Chooi Yew Wah
Khor Tat Siong 3 vs 0 Lim Siew Boon
Sam Chong 3 vs 1 Thean Mun Kit
Roslan Yurnalis 3 vs 1 Tan Seng Teck
Fong Keng Seng 3 vs 2 Jason Cheong
William Teo 3 vs 2 Henrey See Thoe
Lai Chee Wei 3 vs 1 Mohd Fitri

1030pm session
Mohd Reza 3 vs 0 Sunny Sun
Elvin Lean 3 vs 1 Shazlan
Ng U-Wern 3 vs 1 Mr Su
Danny Lim 0 vs 3 Ng Ann Seng
Jimmy Teo 3 vs 1 Meng Choon
Ibrahim Amir 0 vs 3 Lim Zhi Wei
David Tang 3 vs 0 Ivan Lau
Moh Keen Hoo 3 vs 0 Chan HJ

Last 16 Round
12 May 2010, Wednesday
830pm & 1030pm

Rory Thor vs KL Tan
Khor Tat Siong vs Sam Chong
Roslan Yurnalis vs Fong Keng Seng
William Teo vs Lai Chee Wei
Mohd Reza vs Elvin Lean
Ng U-Wern vs Ng Ann Seng
Jimmy Teo vs Lim Zhi Wei
David Tang vs Moh Keen Hoo

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