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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ann Seng wins Leg 1 of NRSC2010

After being absent from the winner's podium for almost 2 years, Ng Ann Seng finally found his golden touch as he beats Lai Chee Wei 4-3 to win Leg 1 of the National Ranking Snooker Championship 2010 at The Ball Room.

After winning a tough semi final match, Ann Seng seemed to be on a roll after the Final commenced with an early lead of 3-0, almost denying Chee Wei any chance of potting or winning a single frame. But as witnessed and self produced by himself in his semi final match, Lai found his playing form late into Frame 4 and won it to avoid a whitewash. He continued to win Frame 5 and 6 to level the match at 3-3 with Ann Seng totally lost and out of focus.

In what seemed to be a deja vu, Ann Seng gained back concentration to avoid what Rory faced in the semi final match and gained a minor lead in Frame 7. After potting a red, Ann Seng snookered Chee Wei behind the Yellow ball, which later resulted in 10 Foul and Miss, giving Ann Seng a 50 point lead. After a few safety exchanges, Ann Seng scored another 10 points and leaving Chee Wei requiring snookers coming back to the table. Chee Wei then shaked his head and conceded the frame and match to a better Ann Seng after a 3 hour ordeal.

Below are the results for the Final:-

Ng Ann Seng 4 vs 3 Lai Chee Wei
61-22, 63-2, 70-16, 1-63, 49-71, 17-60, 75-15

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