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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Texas retains title at Amazon

(l-r) Texas Yap and his daughter with SS Chua
Texas Yap successfully retains his title as he beats Timofey Mytrofanov in a hill-hill match to win the Amazon 9 Ball In House Pool Tournament.

Texas was the favourite for the title as he cruised through the Knockout Stages to reach the Final. Timofey, on the other hand, had to struggle through a few matches where he was trailing and managed to fight all the way into the Final.

The Final was a very close encounter as both players literally was breathing down each other's neck, each winning one rack at a time with the scores very tight and close. After close to one hour of matchplay, it was all down to the final rack with the scores tied at 8-8. Timofey had the first chance to kill and cleared all the way until the last 2 balls which he snookered himself, unable to pot Ball 7.

He tried to play a safety but was unsuccessful, letting Texas back on the table with a difficult Ball 7 to the end corner pocket. He took a deep breathe, went down and potted the ball confidently to setup nicely for the 9 Ball. The rest was history as the crowds roared and applauded for the exciting finale.

Texas Yap takes home RM 1,500 cash prize for a week long effort while Timofey manages only the Runner up's prize of RM 750. 2nd Runner up placing went to Alvin Wijaya whom won RM 450 followed by Amazon's player Sky Ngan winning the 3rd Runner up and cash prize of RM 300.

Winners List
Champion - Texas Yap
Runner up - Timofey Mytrofanov
2nd Runner up - Alvin Wijaya
3rd Runner up - Sky Ngan

Players and Management Group Photo

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