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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sebastian breaks through concubine's jinx

(l-r) Ooi Chin Kay with Sebastian H'ng
His maiden victory came only after competing in 10 legs and Sebastian has every right to be joyful, after beating Ooi Chin Kay from Club 2 to win Leg 10 of the National Ranking Snooker Championship 2010 at Seasons Snooker.

With the top 2 seeds in Syria for the World Championship, a new winner seemed possible as the Championship commenced last Thursday. As the Championship played to it's Final stage, Ooi was aiming at winning his third ranking event to make it a hattrick. Sebastian, from A-Que Club on the other side of the ring however looked even more determined to break his jinx after appearing in a few finals, only to walk away with the runner up's prize.

Final commenced 8pm sharp and Sebastian immediately seized the lead of 2-0 with breaks of 62 and 51. Ooi bounced back and made a 41 break to claim back one frame, only to see the lead go back to two frames, as Sebastian made another 60 break in frame 4 to lead 3-1. The tension and nervousness kicked in, as Sebastian saw his lead trickle away with careless mistakes, giving Ooi the opportunity to regain form and level the match at 3-3.

Final frame was a see-saw affair as both players were missing easy shots, showing signs of nervousness, but a safety that went wrong on the last red by Ooi gave Sebastian the chance to score and finally winning the frame and match. He walks away with RM 2,500 cash prize plus the highest break prize with 116 points.

Below are the results for the Semi Finals and Final.

Semi Finals Results
Ooi Chin Kay 4 vs 2 Mohd Fitri
83-11, 82(75)-5, 34-60, 27-52, 60-21, 80(80)-0

Sebastian H'ng 4 vs 1 Lim Zhi Wei
65-62, 80-44, 78-62, 42-72, 72-1

Final Result
Ooi Chin Kay 3 vs 4 Sebastian H'ng
14-73(62), 15-62(51), 53(41)-12, 6-66(60), 69(43)-26, 53-25, 30-62

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