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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stage 2 Group Matches - Day 2

Day 2 for Stage 2 Group of the 2nd Golden Break 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2010 has concluded. The results for today are as follows:-

Group I
Winner Bracket = Victor Arpilleda (PHI) 
Loser Bracket = Alwi (INA)

Group J
Winner Bracket = Ben Zhang (SIN) 
Loser Bracket = Toh Lian Han (SIN)

Group K
Winner Bracket = Desmond Goh (SIN) 
Loser Bracket = Antonio Lining (PHI)

Group L
Winner Bracket = Imran Ibrahim (INA) 
Loser Bracket = Ko Pin Chung (TPE)

Group M
Winner Bracket = Rasid Samy (MAS) 
Loser Bracket = Md Alias (BRN)

Group N
Winner Bracket = Mohd Sepawi (MAS) 
Loser Bracket = Chan Keng Kwang (SIN)

Group O
Winner Bracket = Carlo Biado (PHI) 
Loser Bracket = Robby Suarly (INA)

Group P
Winner Bracket = Le Quang Trung (VIE) 
Loser Bracket = Eric Lee (HKG)

Results - Stage 2 Group - Day 2

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