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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Results for Day 4

Below are the qualifiers for Day 4:-

Group G - Mohd Sepawi and Lim Zhi Wei
Group H - KC Yin and CK Lim

Last 16
16 June, Weds
Race to 8 racks
7pm session
Ibrahim Amir vs CK Lim
Moh Loon Hong vs Moh Keen Hoo
Chooi Yew Wah vs Richard Choo
Benjamin Lee vs Lim Zhi Wei

9pm session
Ng Ann Seng vs Elvin Lean
Muhd Aidi vs Rasid Samy
Noh Rol Hak vs Mohd Sepawi
Jason Ng vs KC Yin

Quarter Finals will be competed at 11pm.

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