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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hopes of winning diminishes for Malaysia

The journey for Moh Keen Hoo and Rory Thor Chuan Leong in Chanthaburi ended as both crashed out in the Quarter Finals rounds of the PTT Group Asia 6 Reds Championship 2011.

Moh Keen Hoo was up against veteran Mohammed Al-Joaker of UAE and couldn't seem to regain his matchplay form in the earlier Group Stages, losing to him 3-6. Rory Thor on the other hand was totally paralyzed by China's Yu Delu sharp shooting and was handed the key for an early exit, losing 6-0.

Moh Keen Hoo and Rory Thor results for the Quarter Finals stage:

Moh Keen Hoo 3 - 6 Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE)
43-27, 41-0, 0-64, 22-44, 40-0, 0-39, 8-32, 0-43, 5-40

Rory Thor Chuan Leong 0 - 6 Yu Delu (CHN)
7-38, 11-49, 29-34, 9-36, 5-37, 15-43

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