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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keen Hoo flies the Malaysia flag high

(l-r) Fung Kwok Wai and Moh Keen Hoo
Moh Keen Hoo flies the Malaysia high and proud as he beats Fung Kwok Wai from Hong Kong in the final of the Pelangi Invitational Snooker Championship 2010 at Pelangi Snooker Centre. Score for the final is 5-4.

Final started at 9pm with both players refreshed after winning their semi final matches. The first 2 frames were shared between them but Keen Hoo went one gear up to win 2 frames and extending the lead to 3-1. After a short 15 minutes break, Kwok Wai returned the favour as he won the next 3 frames, needing only one more to bring the trophy back to Hong Kong. Trailing 3-4, Keen Hoo tightened his game play with near snookers and excellent safety to level back the match at 4-4. As Keen Hoo broke off in the final frame, he stamped his authority early in the frame as he went 43-0 points up, leaving Kwok Wai behind sweating and thinking of a way to reply. It turned out to be an uphill task as he could not regain his form and eventually conceded the match, giving Keen Hoo frame and match win to walk away with RM 3,000 cash prize and the Champion's trophy.

Highest break for the Championship goes to Mohd Reza with 112 points.

Hong Kong Snooker Team with Pelangi Snooker Management and MSBF Treasurer

Below are the results for the Semi Finals and Final.

Semi Finals Results 
Michael Tan 1 vs 5 Fung Kwok Wai (HKG)
45-78, 44-57, 12-63, 64-72, 55-45, 1-74

Mohd Reza 2 vs 5 Moh Keen Hoo
74(60)-9, 9-73, 38-54, 71(61)-1, 45-57, 36-71, 50-52

Final Result
Fung Kwok Wai (HKG) 4 vs 5 Moh Keen Hoo
11-68, 59-27, 57-68, 13-54, 63-42, 56-45, 61-1, 73-13, 9-56

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